Week 80 - House Arrest Lockdown

Monday, July 27, 2015

 I got my release date of the 16th of December! It’s crazy!!! But now there is a chance that it will be moved to an earlier date in December so we'll see...

 We taught a great lesson on the plan of salvation to a family we are teaching.  They are making progress with the lessons.  It's really nice to be teaching them!
However, that was the only normal part of our week, other than that this week was crazy!  We did service at Brother Tito's house and we were doing lots of moving things around.  We started to hang up a big boat onto the roof and the ladder fell off and nailed my companion in the head. Blood was spurting everywhere.  We rushed him off to the hospital on a motorcycle.  He got cleaned up and got 3 stiches on the head.

Why yes...that is a CAT wandering through the hospital?!


The next day I get a call from my Bishop and he told us that there were protests and riots and dangerous stuff going on with Muslim groups attacking Christian groups.  Apparently some missionaries were attacked in Papua last week!  He told us that it was too dangerous to go outside.   I called and reported it to the Mission President and he said yes that it was too dangerous. 

We had to stay in and President said, "don’t you dare go out!"  So we were on house arrest lock down Friday morning until Sunday night.  We just spent the time cleaning and reading.  We were a little bored and  though it was funny to do a facial mask.  And yeah that sums up the week idk if anyone was hurt in the attacks?

Hope you all have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Jones


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