Week 84 - Guided by the Holy Ghost

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello All,

This week was very productive just because I felt like I didn't get enough time here in Solo.  I really worked hard and got a lot of lessons taught.  One of our investigators I really think will get baptized.  His lessons are coming along slowly but surely. It was kinda funny we rushed off to meet with him and totally forgot to plan a lesson for him.   So we opened with a prayer and I felt guided by the Holy Ghost to tell him "today we don't have a lesson because it's our last time with you. Just ask us anything!" He just blew up with 1000 great questions and the house was full with the spirit.   He had tears in his eyes when we left.. I felt really good about that lesson, it was sad to leave, kind of bittersweet.

Family in our ward :)

Teaching Anto
Friday we went to a Zone Meeting in Magalang and that was a 4 hour bus ride there and back.  It really drains your energy sitting on a bus all day ... funny huh? We actually gave out 2 Books of Mormon on the bus and taught a lesson to someone. It's fun to plant the seeds in the places of the country where the church isn't yet.
4 hour long bus ride

Indonesian fast food stands

All crammed into the van


I'm getting transferred this week.  Jakarta is going to be good I can feel it!   Turns out my new companion is actually Elder Hariyadi.  He is a good guy and were gonna hammer the next 3 months and really put in work! I like to think its like me playing the game on home turf because I was already in Jakarta for so long before.

Have a great week!

Love,  Elder Jones

Week 83 - My week in Solo

Monday, August 17, 2015

This week was a fast one but a good one I don’t have much time today so I’ll just share a quick experience I had this week,
There was a baptism Sunday and I was able to speak at the baptism.   I talked for only 10 minutes but the meeting was so full of the spirit. After my talk the bishop got up and spoke too and it was so interesting because you can just look out and see all the people in the congregation and you can tell who is feeling the spirit and paying attention and who’s not .  It was very touching to see how many people had tears in their eyes. The point of this all is it’s just so cool to see how the spirit can work in other people’s lives! 

Baptism of a little boy in our ward
Indonesian party platter

Love you all, have a safe week!
Elder Jones

Week 82 - Cat Service (not a cute and furry story)

 Hello Everyone,

This will not be my traditional update.  The work this week was really slow so we did some service. 

There are cats EVERYWHERE in Indonesia, and for some reason they love to climb into the attics of people's houses.  They live there, have kittens, sleep and unfortunately die there.  So for our service today we removed dead smelly cats from peoples attics.
Me and my comp removing the first cat
Our sign says, "FREE CAT"

Hope you all have a great week and keep your cats out of the attic :)


Elder Jones
Here are a few videos of the ordeal...


Week 81 - Zone Conference

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hello Everyone, 

 We went to our investigator family's house and taught another awesome lesson. We're making progress.

Today I went on a split with Elder Suparman and it went well. We taught one lesson and then it got blazing hot outside and my comp got sick cause of the heat so we had to go home and cool down a bit.  It hasn't rained in 3 months and everyone and everything here is dying!

Woke up proslyted ... no success ... so we went to the mall and got fresh new hair cuts and frozen yogurt. It was pretty good but expensive, then we went back out and proslyted again ! But nothing :( things are running kinda dry comparred to Jakarta.

Today was PLD (Zone Conference) and I got Intervied by President.  He said he is proud of me and I'm doing a good job.   That makes me happy!  I get a new comp at the end of August and I'm probably in Solo till October and then I move to my last city until December.   After interviews Elder Bills and I came home while all the other elders were being interviewed.  We came back and had a leadership meeting and then played ping pong.  It was a good day. 

Pictures from Zone Conference

Indonesian doughnuts are good!

The whole group!

Another PLD down only one left while I'm on my mission...weird!   PLD was great I got some good personal revelation on some things and that was just what I needed!  We cleaned the church and then had english class and our family investigator came so that was awesome!

It's August already!  It's strange but good.   I feel like this is gonna be a long month, but I hope not.   This morning we went to a non active members house and he fed us so much food that I wanted to burst! ha-ha Missionaries always play a joke on each other and tell the member how much our comp loves this one food (and he really doesn't) so the member gives them extra servings and they have to eat it all.  Dad, I remember you telling me about you doing this in Peru too.

Always a good day.  

I love you all!  Please pray for the missionary work in Indonesia!

Love - Elder Jones