Week 79 - Moroni....the cat

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Whoa the flood pictures in Wickenburg you sent were crazy!!!

This week was eventful, but not work wise. Sunday night Elder Bills sprained his ankle really bad so we had to get it x-rayed and it was all black and blue and he can’t walk so their companionship stayed at our house because President wanted us to rotate out doing splits with him staying home at the house.

Here's a picture of another service project we did this week.  I cut this whole tree down with just and ax. A lot of the missionary work we do in this area is service.

Practicing my roping skills for when I get back to AZ...

We found this cat and named him Moroni because he came to us in the early morning hours.  We gave him some milk and a box with a blanket to sleep in. There are so many cats in Indonesia!

Elder Eyre is the new Elder in the house and he is pretty cool we both like Spiderman.  He's from South Jordan, Utah.
He brought this American flag with him

Then we had something called "idul firti" it's where everyone goes to their villages and the towns have no one in them.  Those days nobody will meet with us! Agghh it was hard it’s like that for 3 days.  The only day to work, we had to do splits because of Elder Bills broken ankle.

Then we had transfers during the whole deal and man it was just a hard week... we got 2 lessons only TWO the whole week crazy huh? That’s what South American missions get in an hour -_- This is a tough mission!!! Next week is going to be a good one though I can feel it!

I love and miss you all!  Be safe!

Elder Jones
PS - Thank you for all the cards and packages (Grandpa Jones) that I got for my birthday!!


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