Week 76 - Solo

Monday, June 29, 2015

Elder Jones won't be posting this week because he is at the hospital taking care of another Elder who is sick.  (He does have some hospital experience... so he should be a pro at this!) 

However, he did send us some pictures this week, that are posted below, from last week's p-day!  

Also, Tyler's birthday is July 8th if you would like to send him a birthday wish.  The next time he'll be able to be on the computer is July 5th so he'd love to get lots of birthday greetings :)  His email address is tjones1995@myldsmail.net


Week 75 - Sorry if this grosses you out....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Everyone,
To answer a question from last week....Yes I have eaten plenty of duck eggs!  They are very popular in Indonesia.
Duck Egg Delight! Mmmmm

Monday  we moved into the Zone Leader's house and that took work!  I still have the same companion and we live with Elder Lister (who I lived with previously in Semarang) and Elder Wigdigdo.
Our study area

Man sleeping here is hard!! the A/C we have is broken and there is a masjid (Islamic call to prayer) 2 houses down that wakes us up every morning at 4am because it’s so loud !!! But I started working out again and that was nice!  Then we went to Brother Tito’s house! A really funny guy he is awesome and so is his family!!

Wednesday we went to the Roberts family. Yes a white family. The only one in Solo ha-ha! They are great and the food is always awesome! Then we had game night that night and that was pretty fun!

My machete is now sharpened!
On Thursday we went and did service at a member’s house... which consisted of me and Elder Bills going in his back yard with a machete!   He has a jungle of a backyard and our service was cutting down bamboo trees! It was way hot!

My planner
This week we've done really good stats wise! Even though the other days I haven’t mentioned it we still were teaching :) went out at 10:30 a.m. and went to a new village we haven’t been to proselyte at and we got 2 referrals! We taught an old man and he wants us to come back! It was great! I am so happy that we have a new investigator now!  After that we went and taught a member and their kids and then we had English class.   We went to pizza hut for dinner with a new investigator who teaches piano!
Dessert pizza is better than duck eggs
Saturday we taught another less active and his family and they don’t want to come to church because they are offended about something.  That’s always a dumb reason, too many people are offended so easily! So we explained why you just can’t be like that, that you come to church because you love the Lord and want to learn about this teachings. However,  it didn’t seem to make it in -_-

Sunday church was good like always!
I love you all, be safe!
Elder Jones

Week 74 - Life's a Beach...when you're eating chicken heads!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Had a good week.  Monday we went to the beach again and that was pretty fun! Went in a 16 passenger van and brought a guitar and just had a fun time at the beach drinking out of coconuts!


Woke up today and everyone is tired from the beach. We taught 2 good lessons today and that was nice but far away.

We had Zone Meeting in Semarang and that was one of my old cities. We rode the bus for 4 hours to get there and that was fun but took foreeeveveerrr because we have to stand on the bus. Then ZTM was 3 hours long.  I got called on to read and Elder Arthur starts poking me in the side while I was reading and I burst out laughing. That was bad but funny.  After that we had a leadership meeting which went another hour...... then we finally left again for our 4 hour trip back.  While waiting for the bus Elder Bills and I went to the bathroom and missed the bus!  Everyone left without us. So we took the next one and we even got a seat! The others had to stand the whole way home too!
Floor of the bus!

We had 2 appointments.  We went to a member's house.  He was pretty cool he has an old motor shop.   I’ll take pics next when I go back.  He owns a lot of guns and used to work for the military as a sniper and had a grenade.  Crazy huh ?

A member gave me a guitar and I fixed it up and now we have one for the house!! It’s great!  I spent my time this morning packing to move into the Zone Leader's house.


We have been teaching this family who is less active and now they’re coming back to church which is really nice.  After a few time of teaching them we were able to have their son commit to baptism and this week he got baptized.  It was awesome!!!! I’m so happy to be here helping move forward the Lord’s work!! :)
YES, those are Kentucky fried chicken heads! Mmmm the things missionaries eat!
Love - Elder Jones



Week 73 - A letter from Tyler!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dear Family,

I haven't written you a letter in a long time.  So I figured I'd do it right now.  I'm in my house it's mid morning and around 8:30 a.m.  My door is open and its got a nice cool breeze coming in.  We have a pot at our house so I planted some chilies called cabe (cha bay).  They are little green ones.  I love them!  I'll bring back some seeds and plant them in the garden at home. 

I've gotten pretty used to Indonesia.  It's hard to take so many pictures now because it's all so normal to me... but I printed off a bunch so you can see.  I miss you guys a lot but don't :)  Does that make sense?  Every time I get to Skype it really throws off my groove for a week or two.  But know I still love you guys.  I haven't gotten your letters yet.  I really hope this one makes it to you! 

Solo is a very nice place, very calm.   It's a small town. It's a safe place to live.  Usually we have to ride our bikes out of Solo toward Salahtiga and Semarang to get to our investigators homes.  Long days! 

I like everyone in my house.  Elder Bills is quiet and smart.  He knows the questions to anything.  I call him Google. Elder Siaahan is super loud and crazy and a piro!  Burns everything.  He never stops laughing.  Elder Hetharau is my comp he is funny and really nice.  It's like our house is that place on Elf.  The island of toys that are all different.  We are all enjoying it though. 

I stopped learning Arabic. I learned a good amount but it got too time consuming.  I have a hot wheel car that is the same as my Mustang.  I play with it when I'm bored....ha-ha

I've been studying the New Testament.  I'm in 1st Corinthians.  I've really enjoyed learning more about Christ's life and the Atonement.  I feel like I know so little about this gospel but when I listen to new Elders, it's like "Whoa"!  I have actually grown a lot!  It's fun to find myself answering doctrinal questions that are hard. 

I just finished the 80 day challenge of the Book of Mormon.  That was so helpful.  Man, that grew my testimony a whole bunch!  I know that no one but men of God could have written those things and from reading all the stories, I learned that even the worst people can turn out to be the strongest in Christ's church.  "The last shall be first, and the first shall be last".  That quote can give us all hope. 
What is most important is that we don't quit and we don't give up!  There is no trial, no feeling, no emotion, no weakness that we cannot overcome.  Through Christ all things are in our grasp.  When I feel bad or feel like crud and want to give up...I figured out that, that only means I'm so close to doing something good and the negative thoughts I feel are from Satan trying to stop me from whatever good thing is to come. 

There is a little testimony from me to you all.  Don't lose touch with the Holy Ghost because he is our light in the darkness.

Okay, I've got to go!  I love you all.  Have a great week and stay safe!  Pray for me!

Elder Jones

Week 72 - Trip to Yogyakarta

Monday, June 1, 2015


The week went by fast and it was a busy one but I do have some pictures from our P-day today.  We went to see the beach in Yogyakarta.

Hope you all have a great week!  Remember to read the Bible and Book of Mormon.  It will bring the spirit into your life and help you with any decision that you have to make.  I know that God lives and loves each one of us and I'm happy to be a missionary in Indonesia and testify of Jesus Christ.  Be safe!

Love Elder Jones