Week 89 - How mission life really is...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Mission life has it's up and downs.  Last week it was up, this week it was down.  So here's what happened.  We had a total of 5 people on the bus ganging up on us getting mad and giving us anti-Mormon stuff and saying how wrong we are.   We went to a few appointments that were really far away and they all cancelled.  Then we got caught in traffic that’s 3.5 hours long while we are standing face to face with random people who most likely haven't showered recently (and that's saying it in a nice way).  Then the guy next to me pukes all over the place and it hits my shoe.  I didn't have any paper towels or napkins so I had to wipe it off with a cup...
We witnessed a couple of Muslim cow sacrifices this week.  I took some videos but I won't post them because they are kind of gross. 
On a happy note, I did see a cute little lemur on a person's porch.  I walked up to the door and knocked and asked if I could see it.  My companion was totally embarrassed.  I gave it a banana.  If I wanted to buy one they are only $10 dollars .  But we aren't allowed to have pets. My comp and I are moving into a new house alone and ZLs  are moving into the in the Sister's apartment because they are moving out.  So our contract is up and yeah anyways we want the lemur!
Here's the video
We happened upon a war museum so we had to take a look.  I think this will be my new ride!

I hope everyone is safe!  The gospel is true and we will continue to work hard doing the Lord's work.
Love,  Elder Jones

Week 88 - 3 Miracles

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi Guys,
It's been a great week of miracles!
First, Elder Bills called me from Bogor and said, "hey I have good news! I met a guy on the bus today that said he had met with the missionaries before. He said I met with Elder Jones and he changed my life with what he taught me and the book he gave me!"   (This was when I was first in Bogor) The man and I lost contact but NOW they got his number from my old planner and it was a miracle!!! 
Second, when I was with Troff in Jakarta I contacted a young man who speaks fluent English and he was going to church and I gave him a Book of Mormon.   He was very interested but we lost contact when I moved... YESTERDAY he randomly sat by me on the bus and we started talking and we realize we have meet before!!! He was so happy and now he's meeting us again next week!!

Third,  Peter has a friend from the Philippines who isn’t a member and we met him last week and he came to church yesterday and really liked it.  We taught him (his name is Doods pronounced dudes) Later that evening at Peter's appointment we had a great lesson.  The spirit was so strong in the room when he knelt and prayed to know if the church was true.   When he finished he said he just had this indescribable feeling of happiness and we all had tears in our eyes!! He’s got a baptismal date for Oct 4th, so keep him in your prayers!!!! 




Week 87- Inspiration on the bus

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hey Guys,
This week went by really fast!  

We've been working very hard.   My companion and I did a special fast to find new people to teach.  On Friday we were coming home, riding the bus, trying to proselyte and I felt something tell me to talk to these 2 guys in suits who were also on the bus with us.  They are both in their 20's and are here to become preachers.  I shared a copy of the Book of Mormon with them and they were very happy to accept it! It blew their mind! (in their words)

So then we met up again and taught them.  They came to church this  past Sunday and I feel so happy that they are feeling the spirit and wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. We have run into a lot of great people this week!! I’m fasting to get 2 baptisms before I go home. 

These are the "American" words the students already knew in my English class
Here are some pictures from P-day last week.  We went to Taman Mini where inside is the whole country of Indonesia but mini sized with their culture and traditions etc.

Know this guy?

We got to try out some bikes...


 This months is almost over and then  October!  Time is flying by! I love you guys! Talk soon! Bye ! :)

Love - Elder Jones 

Week 86 - A Great Week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey guys,

This week was really hard but also really good. So, we're starting from nothing here ... but we put in a lot of work this week and got 5 new investigators and almost 10 lessons! It was great!

We have been mainly working on the busses and then just setting up appts to meet at the church to save more money. Jakarta is so expensive!

P-day we're going to a place called Mini Garden, where inside is like the whole country of Indonesia but mini and you can see all the traditions and cool stuff.   Google Taman Mini I’m sure it’s on google if you want pics first... should be fun.  I'll tell you more about it next week after I've been.
But we had some awesome miracles this week finding new people and just working hard, so it’s been good!

Elder Davies was my mission companion from the MTC!  We are now living in the same apartment.

 How was your week? Awesome we worked so hard!
Did you ever get sick from drinking the cobra blood? Nah I stayed solid
Who was the Sister that drank it with you? Sister Hanks (new)

Do  Indonesians regularly drink this? Non-Muslim ones sometimes. It’s not halal
Is it kind of a freaky thing? Idk biasajaa
Who is Elder Davies companion and where is he from? Elder Sinaga from Medan
How was the work this week? Solid. Humid hot and hard!
Do you teach English class in South Jakarta? Yes! We had a great class last week the picture of English words I sent you were there favorite things about America ha-ha 1 from each!
Anything else new and exciting going on? Tomorrow is 100 days left!
Me and my comp are doing good.   I gtg love you guys have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jones

Week 85 - Black Cobra Blood...tastes like RedBull!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I transferred this week from Solo to South Jakarta.  I took a plane here and that was alright! Indonesian airplanes are gross however.  My new comp is a great guy and I'm happy to be with him.  We’re both really excited to finish strong! 
Elder Hariyadi
When I showed up our AC was broken. So no AC for 3 nights ugh! The house is trash but I love the area.  It’s just so expensive for traveling and our budget is low in Jakarta.  I don't know if you guys are following  the news or not but the economy is crashing here so things are really high prices and the mission can’t raise our money right now because of complications with SLC.

On Sunday I go to both the English ward and to the Indonesian ward. I am so uncomfortable in the English ward! I can’t talk to the members without saying Indonesian words and I feel stupid and weird and ughhh it’s stressing me out. I can’t speak English anymore!

We were “whitewashed” into the area so that means we are both new.  We don’t have any teaching contacts as of right now.  But that will change with our hard work! 

So to get to the part you’re all waiting for…YES I drank Cobra blood. 

"Cobra Nuggets"
I also ate a whole cobra and it actually wasn’t gross ... or I’m just weird now!   I’d do it again because I felt so healthy after I drank it that week . 
Catching the Black Cobra
Extracting the blood from the snake
Skinning the snake
Getting all the "good stuff" out
Down the hatch!  Mmmm tastes like Red Bull!
Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Have a safe week!
Love,  Elder Jones