Week 76 1/2 Better late than never...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hello Everyone,
My weekly update...better late than never! 
As you all can see from my pictures last week Pday was awesome! Huge Hindu temples made out of volcanic stone! They were crazy to see like almost comparable in coolness to the pyramids! We rode the train out there. Elder Bills and I set the trip up all by reading maps and going off locals so it was fun.  After we had got home we went to eat at one of my favorite places called Dapur Sambal (translated to sambal kitchen). The food is tempeh and tofu and it is so good there. On Saturday I finished the Old Testament... it was really good I learned lots!

Today I went on splits with Elder Litster and that was fun we taught 4 lessons. But just rode our bikes all over Solo. The picture of the computer I sent was when we had to do Facebooking. I just have to watch him make memes and stuff for the page. We came home and ate lots of ice cream and that was always good after a hot day but it meant I broke my diet. (I’m on a diet now lol) I’ve lost 6.4 pounds since Jakarta!

Today was awesome because I got revelation! How am I supposed to find new people? And the answer was to just walk!!! We taught FIVE new FAMILES in a neighborhood and it was just like an answer to prayers! It was awesome and we have follow up appts with them for the next week too!  So happy :)

Today we went out at 8am and we just worked another place but all on foot and we got 4 new families!!! It was such a great idea and now our next week is full!!!  Then we came home and we did our weekly planning and that took forever. 

All our set appts fell thru but that’s okay we found a few more people and we got some really good lessons in :) then we had English class and for some reason not a single person came today so we just left and we went to go eat at this place that has thee hottest sambal ever!!!! Asian spice is way different than Mexican! Ha-ha  

Annie and Grandpa Bob! Thank you so much for the package!! I love it I needed a new USU shirt! And the Dorito’s were well enjoyed :)!  Today I went on a split with Elder Bills and I was in his area because I’m supposed to grade his work, but all the appts fell thru but we did what we needed and put in hard work this day and week! 


Today church was normal but during priesthood quorum there was a visitor from America and he was maybe 55 years old from Tenn.  anyways I had to translate the whole lesson for him and it was going all good were about half way into it and like all priesthood quorums we got off topic and they started talking about the bad island voodoo and black magic and then dead dogs and dog brains and I’m feeling more and more like an idiot after each English word rolls out of my mouth -_- ha-ha it was funny looking back on it though... 
On Monday Elder Bills was not well and was running a fever and feeling really sick. So I took him to my favorite place! (Not really) so we were in the hospital till mid-day Tuesday and it’s hard to sleep on the floor. Ha-ha but he got like typhoid or typhus idk what it was but he is alive! Sorry I missed you all Monday!

Hope everyone is well!  Be safe!

Elder Jones

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