Week 78 - Everything doesn't always go as planned...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I had an interesting week.   So, every Thursday we do service projects.  The one we did last week was crazy!   We were cleaning up at his guy’s house in his backyard.  He said cut the tree down and then he left!   ha-ha  He gave us rope and a hatchet and a machete ... he’s a bit crazy but we cut it down it took ages!  As you can see from the video it didn’t go exactly as planned.  It was Elder Siahann up in the tree.  He is Elder Bills companion.
This week was kind of hard.  Elder Litster went home because his time was up and so did all of the sisters that I came out on my mission with.  Sisters are only here for 18 months.  Elders are out for 24 months.  Anyway, it is kind of  hard seeing them go.  Now living our house is me, Elder Widigdo, Elder Hetharua and Elder Eyre.
Also, I sliced my thumb open with a knife.  The cut wasn’t wide but it was way deep. 
Saying goodbye...

I had a good birthday and Sister Ina got this cake for me!    

Sister Ina, Ezra and Asa
 Love you guys! I hope you have a good one :)

Elder Jones 


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