Week 24 - Bogor

Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's been a good week.  I had my check up at the hospital and I’m doing well :)  Then after that we went to Sister Lily’s to visit her.  Her son broke his hand last week and we gave him a blessing.  He was in great condition and his hand was doing much better. That was cool! Then we did some proselyting at BTM and had no luck! BTM is like a mall and market, similar to downtown Rocky Point.
We went to Sister Indries house which is 2 hours and 2 angkots away and she wasn’t home, so we just came back.  We were supposed to play basketball with a bunch of members but that also fell thru.  Missionaries have to be very flexible!
 It only rained one day this week and I just took some random pictures.  We are in the dry season right now.  I can't say I know what the drought in AZ is feeling like, but being dry season now until November it only rains once a week which makes it unbelievably hot.   I deal with the heat well because of living in Arizona my whole life.  I KNOW what hot is!


  I forgot to tell you all this month Is RAMADAHN where the Muslims fast for 30 days (they can only eat after 6pm)  so no food is sold on the street until 6pm which is hard!  So I'm taking matters into my own hands and picking my food from trees!

We went to Sister Yuli's house and had a lesson and lunch :)  It’s my favorite food here!!
The recipe is for a spicy sauce and sautéed meat and veggies it's good.
This country is a Muslim melting pot from everywhere.   Here and Malaysia are the only 2 countries with missionaries that are on the terrorist watch list! cool huh?! I’ve only had a few scary experiences so I’m doing okay! ha ha
The Mission President came to Bogor to interview our investigator from Afghanistan which went great!  He brought me 2 packages from Jakarta!
Thank you so much Gretta for the tie and candies! I wore the tie on Sunday and the candy is awesome! Just what I love :) Thank you! And thank you Hancock family I LOVED the pistachios. I ate one whole bag throughout that day!! Also, I love the custom bracelet with Indonesia on it! Thank you all for it :)  
I got your letter mom.  Thank you it was nice to get that and read it :)
I love you guys and I'll talk to you next week. Thank you for everything!
Love  - Elder Jones

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