Week 23 - Bogor

Monday, June 23, 2014

Well, it's been an interesting week!  Here's what's been going on.


 Was in Jakarta while Elder McCleary renewed his kitas (Visa), then we went to Chilies in down town Jakarta! It was amazing.  So nice to have familiar food!  I got a real burger and CHIPS AND SALSA!!! It was the most expensive, but awesome day ever. 

This is turkey bacon.  Real bacon in Indonesia is about $50 (American) a pound!
I miss Mexican food so bad!

 We had a solid lesson during the day, then did what we could then came home that evening and I made us dinner.   I went to bed for a few hours....THEN at 12am I woke up in the worst pain ever in my side and I could barely move.   I literally thought I was going to die it hurt so bad, so I asked Elder McCleary to give me a blessing and the second after he finished, the pain went down so quickly and so fast that I was able to walk again and get in the taxi.  All I could think is "there is no denying the power of God is real".
 We went to the hospital and they thought my appendix had burst, but they decided to do a urine test and then noticed that  my urine was more that 50 percent blood,  so then they were like okay no surgery it’s something different... anyways.   They wouldn’t give me any pain meds this whole time?!?!  It was horrible.   I had an x-ray and it turned out I had 4 kidney stones and had to pee them out and it was horrible.   I passed one and there are 3 more that I have medicine for.  That’s what I did Tuesday through Friday... It really wasn’t fun.   Indonesia is really putting a beating on me!  

I have a follow up tomorrow at 10 am.  I feel okay but I’m really, really tired.  This year 5 missionaries have had their appendix removed.  It’s common here, so pray I don’t get that with my luck...  Surgery isn’t pretty here.  I’m sad I keep getting sick.   We are so lucky to live in America.  Thank you for the prayers! 

Here’s a picture of my newest adventure in an Indonesian hospital, after I was feeling a little better.

My companion, Elder Sadiyono from Indonesia

Almost outta here!

Friday night I got out and just went home and went to bed because I didn’t feel too good.  Not a lot of fun when I can’t be a missionary.


 Saturday was good. My companion played in a futsol tournament of all the religions in Bogor! We were there from 11am till 7pm it was a long day.We lost a few games but we didn't come back on Sunday because we were following the commandments.  Got to keep the Sabbath day holy!


 Our investigator from Afghanistan quit smoking! We really helped him out and now he has quit!  We have a baptismal date the 6th of July! After church we came home then just did normal missionary things.  Make contacts, visit investigators, etc.

Can you speak Bahas?  Bahas means wet :) But I can speak Bahasa and I know a little Javanese.   

How do you teach your Afghan investigator since he doesn’t speak Indonesian or English?  We teach him by typing it into Google translates and he just types back.   He speaks broken English.    I understood the Indonesian email that dad sent me that's why it was funny. 
 How do you like Indonesia?  It’s a hard place to be a missionary,  but I’ll be one tough guy when I come back that’s for sure :)

What season is it in Indonesia right now?  Dry season.  They have some crazy wind storms here too! In rainy season this place is insane.
Tell me more about your companion?  He’s been a member his whole life yeah.  He’s from Tangarang and his family lives 20 miles away from our house, crazy huh?
All the rules are the same but if he sees his family no big deal.   Sometimes parents come to pick the missionary up. But I don’t want that :) I’m planning on missing my flight in China for a day now that I’ll be an Asian :)

What are you doing for P-day today?   We are going to hang out with a member.   Idk what we’re going to do.  
Thanks to everyone who has been emailing me.  I try and reply to everyone.  It’s nice to know I have some mail coming too!
I love you guys I gtg now talk to you soon!

Love Elder Jones





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