Week 21 - Bogor

Monday, June 9, 2014

Had a great week!  Here's what I've been up to.
Our P day was awesome!  We went to the Taman Safari zoo and we got to feed a lot of the animals! You name it I fed it! We drove through the zoo and all the animals will come up to your car and stick their heads into the windows so you can feed them carrots! That was about 5 miles long! Then we went into the zoo! It was great.  I got to take a picture with a lion and then hold a baby orangutan! That was my favorite! After I set him down I put my hands to him to get double high fives! And he totally did it twice, then he jumps back onto me! It was so funny! Made my day!  Then we went and played bumper cars at the zoo and ate lunch and then fed and hung out with elephants.  The whole day was just awesome!


Went into Jakarta to snag some medicine with Elder McCleary and we got to hang out with Elder Lisk! He is a great guy! I’m sad he and his wife are going home so soon.  We left  by 2 pm but the bus was 2 hours late and then an hour and a half to get home.

My comp had a gnarly weird rash break out over his whole body so we took him to the hospital and he got all these creams and pills. He is going to make it and everything will be ok!  Don’t know what it was.
We had a lesson with our investigator from Afghan. That went well too! Then we went to Sister Lily’s house and taught one of her friends and she wants to be baptized so we have the date on July 6th! What a great birthday present!

We went and taught Pak and that was a good lesson.  A slow day 22 contacts though! That’s a lot for here, so that’s good!

It rained so dang hard so we spent a lot of the day under things to stay dry. We got one lesson in.  My comps goal and mine is to get at least one a day! Then we had dinner on the street and we were coming home a bit early at 8 cause we were out of options and we realized we forgot the keys so we had to wait outside till 9:30 for the other Elders to come back.  They had an appointment that night.
Saturday and Sunday
No printer at the war-net so I can’t print out emails I get.   
The guy from Afghanistan came to church, so I had to translate 2 hours of ward conference into English!  Indonesians talk so fast.   That was hard!   He’s progressing big time!  I think he will want to be baptized and that makes me really happy to see how knowing Christ can change people’s lives.

Teaching :)
Love you all!
Elder Jones

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