Week 25 -Bogor

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone!


We just hung out at the house cleaned it and relaxed got some`stuff organized and that evening at 7 we went to go get some mie ayam chicken soup so that was good and the food was free!


I was on a split with Mccleary because Mendrofa went to interview our investigator for baptism which she passed! We walked 4 miles to a members house which was fun! Then I found some keys on the road with a license so after our lesson we went to the address on the licence and  returned his keys. He was happy, good deed for the day.


We had an appt with Sister Lily and we usually just show up.   When we did her doors were open and a bunch of others were in there and she was praying with them,  so we figured we should leave.   Then we worked.  That night we played basketball which was lots of fun! We're gonna play every Wednesday at 8!


That night I had another kidney stone episode which hurt freaking bad... but I toughed it out at home.


Fourth of July!! Never missed America so much!   We went to Jakarta for ZTM with the zone.  I got called to read the motto, but when I got up there I had my American flag socks on so I decided we would say the pledge :) Everyone who knew it liked it !


I went on a split with the district leader Elder Mendrofa.


I taught Young Men and Young Women's class because the teacher wasn't at church, but I think I did a good job. Sister Youlie got baptized today!! It was great the wifi isnt working or I would have sent pics I'll try next week.   I conducted the meeting because Bishop wasn't
there.. I did alright :) Eat some cheeseburgers and watermelon for me!

Love Elder Jones

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