Week 22 - Bogor

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  
Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and everything that you’ve taught me.  I’m very lucky to have a dad like you!  People here would give anything to have a dad like you. Thank you for your help in everything and all the life lessons you have taught me even though 90 percent of the time I was a punk about it all.  Thank you for caring for me and being there for me and helping me through life. I love you dad J
Some answers to your questions:  Today I’m on splits with Elder Collett while the other guys go to immigration. Collett’s from Utah.  I would love to see the new Phoenix Temple and go check it out! I've got a few years left!  5 months has gone by quickly!  It's crazy!  I’m adjusted but I’m also home sick at least once a day like everyone else! Our p-day ends at 6pm we can tract or go teach lessons !   All the new guys show up 11th of August from the MTC.

Work wise the week went really good! We taught a total of 9 lessons which is killer! We have 2 progressive investigators so that’s way cool! I think I’ll baptize my buddy from Afghanistan!  No great contacts this week. This is a really hard mission. It’s even harder to contact because 97 percent of the population is Muslim. 
Everything is going good.  My health is doing okay!  My new companion is a really cool guy, I like him a lot. I’m happy Logan Z. is still working out! Every time you see him tell him he’s not lifting enough!  Have fun at girl’s camp. You hit a home run over the fence Dad? That’s awesome! That would have been fun to see.  I would love to play softball right now! I have been praying it would rain in Wickenburg! I’m just hanging out at the mission home today.  I'll give you a re-cap of my week. 

For P day last Monday the Indonesian Elders went to Jakarta and Elder McCleary and I stayed at home chilled took a nap, watched a church movie and that summed it up!

We had a good lesson with our investigator from Afghanistan! He's really progressing and is a total golden investigator.  We had an appointment fall through that evening so we proselyted.

Bought 3 mangos off the street for a dollar and had a fried banana as a snack! Then it rained so freaking hard that evening that we could barely go home.  I’d make fun of myself if I was reading this in Arizona "ha-ha rain?  You couldn’t go outside because it’s raining? You’re a girl!" but NO this rain is like buckets of water gushing out of the skies ha-ha... It’s like getting into a shower Legit!

I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE :DD I was so happy when the guy outside yells "packet" and all the missionaries just bolt it to the door! And today it was mine!!!! Thank you so much! I pretty much wanted to cry because I was so happy! It made my day! I love everything in there! And all the other Elders are happy too because I’m nice and always share :) I know my actual b day isn’t for a month but I just had to open it!! :)

Then we had a lesson with our investigator from Afghanistan! We teach him with Google translate at the church on the computer!! I type and it translates into Persian! He speaks only broken English but still I’m proud! He’s such a great guy! He will tell us stories about the Taliban doing crazy things like car bombs and shootings and what not. I’m thankful I’m here.

We had our appointments fall through so were meeting with the other Elders investigator to teach him a few lessons, then after that we had a dinner appt with sister Youlie and she’s getting baptized on the 6th of July! (Hopefully)

Here are some pictures of the market.

Sunday was normal! Nobody celebrates Father’s Day here! After church we came home and I went with McCleary to Jakarta to renew his kitas ( a visa thing) so we stayed the night at the mission home! It was nice! 

Questions we asked Tyler:
Did you like all of the things in your box? Yeah I loved them all thank you!!
Did you share treats with your companion? Yes I did :) but I can’t eat them all at once I have to make sure they last till my next package ... Christmas ha-ha
Did you need your retainers? No those are from years ago. I have my retainers and wear them each night :)
Did your razor fit the blades? No but I’ll just hold the razor.
What about the Mormon in the house T-shirt? My comp loved it :)
Did the pigeon socks fit? I love my socks so much they are great!
Now that you opened your box what are you going to open on your birthday? The Book of Mormon of course!
I have to go now! I’ll talk to you guys next week!  Thank you :) I miss you all. 
Love you guys!!

Elder Jones 




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