Week 20 - Bogor

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hi Everyone,
So Monday we had a few lessons. We had one with Pak Gunawan and it went pretty well! But he has these crazy spiders by his house! They are the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen. It was horrible the traffic was so bad coming back that it took us 3 hours to get home on the angkots, and it was raining.  

Tuesday was  awesome!!  We left at 7 am to go to Mount Salak. The big volcano I was talking about! It took 2 hours to get to the base and the closer we were to it the less people were around! It was great ha-ha! It was all jungle and there was a trail up to some waterfalls at the top! The first one we went to was cool but not that big.T he next water fall was the coolest it was a 2 mile hike through the jungle at the top!! It was so freaking cool! It was a kind of hard hike though and while we were walking we saw some monkeys jumping through the trees! So awesome!! One had a little baby monkey on its back too!
We finally made it to the waterfall and it was just huge!!! It was like in the Crater of the mountain!  And there was a little guy at the bottom selling Mie (noodles)! Ha-ha so we ate noodles at the bottom! And it was around 60 degrees in there because of the mist from the water fall and because we were covered by so many trees and stuff!! I wanted to go swimming in it so bad ha-ha!
 So then on the back Me and Elder McCleary basically ran the whole way back to get a work out for the day ;) and while I was running up the Jungle canyon (the trail is carves out of the mountain with mud and rocks so it’s steep) anyways I was running up and A freaking snake jumps out of the jungle on like face level with me because it’s so steep!! I thought the snake was coming for us ha-ha and McCleary almost fell off the trail when I yelled snake ha-ha! Intense day!!  I also found a 2 week old puppy on the trail that had been lost for 3 days so I rescued the little guy and cleaned him up and took him home with us and fed him! And then gave him to some friends to have!

Wednesday was a long day.   I woke up and felt like crud. I had my first dream with no English!  I was talking to Gustavo at work and He would talk to me in Spanish and I'd understand but when I would talk back to him I could only speak Indonesian, and then Dad got really mad because we didn’t wash any of the dealerships cars that day and I got fired...
Anyways me and Elder Sadiyono went to go teach a guy named David and he lives way far away almost in Tangarang.  So we get all the way to his house and as we get off he calls us and says he is in Jakarta.  Darn, we came so far.  Not to mention this guy he lives in the SAME neighborhood as my companion! Ha-ha so We walked like 10 houses down and saw his house from across the road. It was weird! But we didn't see his family.  Then we hitch hiked to the bus stop, that was funny!  
We finally made it back home and then we had a lesson with a non active member and that went pretty good!
We had 2 Appointments! One with Erwin which went good! We had the appointment at the church! And then we taught him the second lesson! Then we went to Jimmy Simon’s house! 
(He is from the Philippians and we meet him a while back. Elder Hobbs and I were talking about how I’m not scared to contact people so he said okay contact that guy right now. So I did and it was Jimmy and Jimmy met the missionaries in the Philippians but moved and couldn't find the missionaries here in Indonesia! Well he found them now!)  After that we went to the ATM to see if we got our monthly cash yet! I’ve been eating Rice and Eggs every day for breakfast and lunch hasn’t been that bad honestly.  Tell the chickens I like eggs now...
Had a lesson with Saud and that went alright. Then we had a 2 hour district meeting then we taught English which was fun! You better believe they are getting an Elder Jones vocabulary!
Random goat in a tree house
Saturday was pretty good! We had a free motorcycle wash at the church which we got lots of contacts from! And we had lunch there too. Fish and Pork and after that we went to go buy a new bunk bed.  Things are going pretty smooth this week which is nice.
Church! Then we went and taught English and then taught an investigator which went great!  Then we went to members house. And we ate fried rice and then she gave us Chocolate from Italy.  Oh my gosh it was so great! I love going to her house! She’s the best! She said the missionaries are like her kids so that made us feel really good :) 
Love you all!
Elder Jones



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  1. We love getting your blogs. You are an excellent writer and I can feel like I am experiencing these things with you. We have been in Hawaii for two weeks, so I'm out of the loop in our Ward. Audrey is still here and will be leaving soon. She is going on Trek with our ward; that should be a wonderful experience.
    I know what you mean about dreaming in a mother language; I dream in Spanish sometimes. We keep you in our prayers. Keep up the good work. Love, the McKaskles