Week 3

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I learn something new each day and I can speak the language really pretty well.  I’m also learning American sign language from Elder Green in my zone.  Nothing crazy,  same old classes.   We get a free hour every day and my pal Elder Turner who is going to Madagascar is teaching me Arabic which is so awesome each day we write in it and talk ! It’s sort of like Indonesian,  and when the Islamic percentage is 97% in my country Arabic is a good thing to learn! ( لا أحد يقرأ بلدي بلوق يفهم اللغة العربية؟ الرجاء ارسال لي الثور الأحمر؟ !)

I am learning so much at the MTC !  it’s awesome, so much different than Wickenburg.  As I learn other languages my English gets worse and worse! I’m sorry ... I was having a hard week mentally this past week. I was talking to a bunch of the guys and in our conversation I said, "..... and it was like a $1.25... how many penny's is that ? "  totally was not thinking!   Then yesterday I was telling this awesome story to my class from back home ... and I thought it would be funny to add "when in Rome" (like the saying) ... in my story but instead I said,  "when in Paris .... " and nobody understood what I meant!  There was an awkward silence then someone said,  “don’t you mean when in Rome?”  I felt retarded that I forgot that but it was way funny :)

As you all know I have a horrible memory... so I’m just telling you all things that pop into my head :)  I loved the brownies from grandpa Jones!! thank you so much!! Every night I go to the vending room and check all the coin returns ha-ha so far I’ve gotten 14 dollars!!! how funny right ?? So I heard Justin Beiber is getting deported ..?? that’s pretty cool lol ....

At the MTC there are things here called Narnia holes.. which is anything that opens to walls like light sockets or air vents or the ceiling panels ... anyways everybody is stuffing notes into the walls!!  In my room I found a note that was from 6 years ago !!!   I was asking my teachers what they ate that was weird but common in Indonesia ... they eat and drink as follows .. monkeys, dogs .. NOT KITTYS J , crocodiles bats whole bats... ( totally reminded me of Anchorman 2 when they eat bats) Indonesians make a drink which is bat blood and spices.. Mmmmm ... but they also eat chicken, fish, rice, curry .. some great stuff :)

 I’m so happy that I chose to come on a mission.  Each day it gets better and better!!  I have grown so much in every aspect of my life!  I’m learning so much and grateful for this opportunity.

Well I love all you guys!! I miss you all too!!!


Elder Jones

Note:  If you would like to send Tyler a letter that he can read each evening (instead of waiting until Wednesday when he can use the computer), go to www.dearelder.com  It’s a free service that will deliver your letter to him the very same day.  Just click on “write a letter” and pick “Provo MTC” from the drop down menu and then “Write a missionary”.  His unit number is 51, Mission Code is INDO-JAK and departure date is FEB 22.  Because he said he wants more mail!!  I guess hearing from his mom every day isn’t enough :)

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  1. Hi Tyler,
    I'm so glad that things are going well for you! It is interesting to follow your experiences. I am sorry you missed the big waves in Oregon, but I bet you will have some wonderful adventures near oceans in Indonesia.
    We are currently in the middle of a snow storm, and Carol and I have been busy feeding 12-15 hummingbirds for the last 24 hrs during sub-freezing temperatures.
    Continue to enjoy every day of your great adventure!
    Love Burt