Week 4

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Everyone,

BIG NEWS!!! WE LEAVE ON THE 22nd.... EARLY LIKE 1am!  11 Days!

I’m dying to get to Indonesia!!  I talked to a guy who just got back from Indonesia a month ago.  He seemed like it was quite the life changer.  He said President Donald is the coolest!  If I want to serve in Manado or Jakarta or Bali, anywhere we just ask him and he will follow through.  I’m pretty excited.  We don’t drive in Indonesia…strictly canoes, mopeds, boats, and small planes.   I don’t miss my phone really, or my music.  I have to take malaria classes before we leave, we all have to take pills every day.  I’m getting better each day at speaking the language!! So Elder Hull who is going to Madagascar broke his ankle playing volleyball! Pretty crazy huh! It’s like someone doesn’t want us on missions.... Two nights ago me and Elder Tufaga had a rap battle lolol .... You better believe I won!

Today it snowed a lot.  I love it !  It has been a good day.  Sister Fisher was feeling so sick this evening and I had the opportunity to be asked if I would give her a blessing.  So me and Elder Wills did the blessing.  It was a very spiritual feeling and powerful.  I could really feel the spirit.  After the blessing Elder Wills said, “That was pretty crazy!  Everything that you said in the blessing I was thinking in my head.  I would think ahead of you and it was like you  read my mind.”  I thought that was a testimony builder, blessing are a straight line of information coming from the spirit!

Last night we had one of the 70 come speak to us which was pretty cool ... His talk was on patience and how Patience = Progression ... I thought that was pretty cool because I have been able to see firsthand the truthfulness of that quote!  I can see and tell that I am progressing personally each day! Today we get a whole bunch of new people in our zone! Like 12 I heard!! Which is pretty crazy because our district is now the "old Guys" What’s even crazier is I got called as Zone Leader for our 35 person zone! I’m supposed to be the leader and teach everybody lessons .  Last Sunday I had to teach everyone a lesson that I was asked to prepare!  I did way good Job and Brother Mangum Our Zone Presidency Leader said That I knew my scriptures and knew the gospel well :) He said that he could tell that I was the Next Bruce R McConkie !!!
How cool is that huh? When he said it to the class everyone was like OOOOOHHHHHHH,  like saying hey Jones you got something to live up to now! Hah But that was pretty fun!

Going to the gym is way nice and a great stress reliever, they have an awesome weight sets here!! I think I’ll continue to send pictures the way that I’ve been doing it!! I hope everyone is doing well!! Anyone feel free to Dear Elder me! :)  I’m so excited to leave to the jungles of Indonesia in 10 Days!!!

Love Tyler

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