Week 5 My Last Week in the MTC!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

                               Provo Temple in the morning
Eating lunch in the cafeteria
Last Sunday at the MTC
                                          The District

So yesterday I got to be an usher for our devotional! I got to meet and talk
to Elder Perkins of the Seventy! pretty cool right ? Also Last Sunday Elder
Holland and his son came which was Awesome !!!  It was a great talk!

Here are some answers to your questions.  I don't have much time to email,
it's been a crazy week!

What have they told you about traveling?  Instructions....staying
together....no parents? Etc.  They said to just be adults and don't ask
people to come visit you ... I love you guys and would love to see you but
It's not obedient ... and it might throw me off my groove ... Thank you

Did they tell you how long you'll stay in the mission home before you're
assigned? Depends on your location 2days to a week

Are you nervous to go? yeah kind of lots of mixed feelings... I had a dream
I was being chased by head hunters in the jungle then eaten .. so a little

How do you like being Zone leader? I don't like going to all the meetings
haha but it's all good

What have you been buying at the bookstore?  Just curious what things they
have..... jeeez I've bought a million index cards (which helps me a ton) and
a pen .. hair gel,  face wash, drinks

Any headaches/migraines? like 24/7 headaches but only 2 migraines

what are your feelings, emotions, state of mind this week? I'm just mind
blown that a month has gone by and I'm already off to live with little Asian
islanders and eat nasi gorang (fried rice)

don't forget to wear your seatbelt on the flight okay? I'm not gonna lie I'm
scared to death to get on that Cathay plane .. I'm already sure I'm dying on
my mission (kidding!) but I was at least hoping to make it to Indonesia
first.... Well yeah I'm scared to death lol and I told my whole district so
I wasn't the only one wallowing in misery lol (This is in regards to the
Cathay flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong that 9 people were
hospitalized for turbulence!) Wear your seatbelt on planes people! :)  See
you in Indonesia!

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