February 22nd and 23rd - Traveling to a strange new land......

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Elder Christensen from "The District"

                                        The group going to Indonesia and 2 of our teachers


Look who I found!  Troy!

MTC Teacher

Leaving SLC

I  fly ALL day Sunday!

15 1/2 hours of .........

Arrived in Hong Kong!

Wow I’m in freaking China?!?! What the heck?! They have computers you can get on! I just sat down in our terminal and it was filled with all the people going with us ... we're the only Americans. They started talking to us all really fast, can't understand a word.  Hong Kong is different ... It’s very clean ... It’s also very humid!

It was very long and pretty bumpy but we made it alive ... right over Japan it was bumpy I’m happy you got my pictures ... It was nice to talk to you guys last night!!

I had breakfast on the plane and was so excited to see what it was and eat it because it was starving!!  So anyways when I get it, I opened the top and it was clam shrimp crap raw salmon rice soup....for breakfast?  I’m happy I’m not serving in China ha-ha

 No my calling card doesn’t work now... I haven’t seen pay phones either ... I slept a little while on the plane which was nice!  So now I’m on to another plane to Jakarta!  Talk to you later!
 Love you guys!






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