Week 2

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey Everyone! How’s it going?

I’m sitting in the depths of the MTC ... the laundry room.   I’m starting to realize that I need to write down what I do each day because I forget.  So the language is coming along pretty well and  I’m learning a lot!  The food here is good but... like After 2 days of eating MTC food you start to feel like there is a brick in your stomach and according to the guys that have been here longer ... well it doesn’t get better  so I’ve learned and am learning to just embrace all the "trials" at the MTC like on Sunday when I was taking a shower and totally DROPPED my tooth brush in the shower... nasty right? ... no biggie though I washed the bristles off with shampoo ....
So guess who I got to hang out with today?  The ambassador of Hungry!  He was having a meeting a few doors down from our class.   I’m becoming more fluent in Bahas Indonesia and Bahas Malaysian.  I got a new nickname here It’s Elder Ter Bakar, which means Elder Catching Fire!  Pretty funny huh? I can’t wait to get to Indonesia.  I’ve been teaching my lessons only in Indonesian.  It’s hard but pretty cool!  I had a good experience in the temple chapel.  I prayed “what is it that I need to know and study”  So D&C 15:6 popped into my head randomly, and I opened to that scripture and I’ll let you read what it says J  Pretty cool huh? (Note, for those of you reading this without scriptures here’s a link!  http://www.lds.org/scriptures/dc-testament/dc/15?lang=eng )

 Elder Peterson broke his right arm on Saturday after we all kept telling him how he shouldn’t be jumping around and stuff what’s even worse is he was so embarrassed to tell us that he broke it ... that he waited until Sunday night !  He is more than likely being temporarily assigned to the PROVO MISSION.   The lesson here is to be obedient !
I have also never been so tired in my life, like seriously, a mission is hard work .. and I’m not even out to the field yet !  My Zone is filled with all the missionary’s going to random places like Greece, Georgia,  Lithuania, Indonesia so no one is speaking the same language in our zone!
We stay on the first floor and we have a big window so at night the lights outside make it really hard to sleep so My roomies and I decided to hang blankets over the window and then around our bunk beds so it’s like totally pitch black in our room and everyone has ear plugs too ...Well the next morning We get a big bang on the door to find our leader asking us why were still asleep?? Well it turned out we slept in till 9:30! We’re supposed to get up at 6:30!!!  Our plan worked too well…

I got called as the Internet Zone leader and Teacher.   I have to teach everyone how to use the computers and that kinda stuff!  Each day I run a mile on the track then I go to the MTC gym it has everything in there!!  That’s awesome we get an hour to work out !  I love getting mail from everyone :)   Thank you Sister Hancock for the package and grandpa for the chips and salsa!

Today its cloudy and rainy :) my favorite... and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow and sleet and stuff which I'm excited for!!

I love you guys! – Elder Jones

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  1. Sounds like a pretty exciting life to me. Glad all is going well. Sounds like you are doing great.