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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Young Men,

I have been in the M.T.C. for 5 weeks so far, I leave on Feb. 22 And am very excited! If I was asked "what I wish I would have known before I came on a mission or what advice I have for future missionary's", in no specific order, It would be as follows.

- Read the Book Of Mormon! but don't read it just so that you can say you did, read for a purpose. Write that purpose down in the front page along with your personal testimony.
 After you have finished Write in the back what your purpose is now and your new testimony. You'll be surprised.

- Decide why you want to serve a mission before you get on the "playing field" so to speak.

-Pray every morning and night. during the day silent prayers in the heart are great!

- STAY away from girls before your mission!! At least any serious sort of relationship. The Elders that come into the "The Lords Training Camp" that have a current girlfriends/serious relationships CANNOT and aren't capable of fully applying their mind to the lords work.  If someone were reading this letter to me a year ago I would argue this subject till I was blue in the face! But luckily I learned from other Elders who have served.

-Patience, practice your patience. When you’re a missionary you will be tried constantly with how well you endure situations that "push your buttons".  The more patient you are the better missionary you will be. :)

-LEARN as much as you can! Go to seminary every day and really try to absorb what principals are being taught. Bring your scripture mastery cards with you to the field they are also great! Anything gospel related is good to learn. It is also so Important that you Learn How To Learn! Because that is all we do !

-Have Fun :) Because nothing is worse than not having fun and the MTC as well as the mission Depends only on your Attitude. You make it how you want it.

-Elder Jones

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