Week 85 - Black Cobra Blood...tastes like RedBull!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I transferred this week from Solo to South Jakarta.  I took a plane here and that was alright! Indonesian airplanes are gross however.  My new comp is a great guy and I'm happy to be with him.  We’re both really excited to finish strong! 
Elder Hariyadi
When I showed up our AC was broken. So no AC for 3 nights ugh! The house is trash but I love the area.  It’s just so expensive for traveling and our budget is low in Jakarta.  I don't know if you guys are following  the news or not but the economy is crashing here so things are really high prices and the mission can’t raise our money right now because of complications with SLC.

On Sunday I go to both the English ward and to the Indonesian ward. I am so uncomfortable in the English ward! I can’t talk to the members without saying Indonesian words and I feel stupid and weird and ughhh it’s stressing me out. I can’t speak English anymore!

We were “whitewashed” into the area so that means we are both new.  We don’t have any teaching contacts as of right now.  But that will change with our hard work! 

So to get to the part you’re all waiting for…YES I drank Cobra blood. 

"Cobra Nuggets"
I also ate a whole cobra and it actually wasn’t gross ... or I’m just weird now!   I’d do it again because I felt so healthy after I drank it that week . 
Catching the Black Cobra
Extracting the blood from the snake
Skinning the snake
Getting all the "good stuff" out
Down the hatch!  Mmmm tastes like Red Bull!
Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Have a safe week!
Love,  Elder Jones

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