Week 88 - 3 Miracles

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi Guys,
It's been a great week of miracles!
First, Elder Bills called me from Bogor and said, "hey I have good news! I met a guy on the bus today that said he had met with the missionaries before. He said I met with Elder Jones and he changed my life with what he taught me and the book he gave me!"   (This was when I was first in Bogor) The man and I lost contact but NOW they got his number from my old planner and it was a miracle!!! 
Second, when I was with Troff in Jakarta I contacted a young man who speaks fluent English and he was going to church and I gave him a Book of Mormon.   He was very interested but we lost contact when I moved... YESTERDAY he randomly sat by me on the bus and we started talking and we realize we have meet before!!! He was so happy and now he's meeting us again next week!!

Third,  Peter has a friend from the Philippines who isn’t a member and we met him last week and he came to church yesterday and really liked it.  We taught him (his name is Doods pronounced dudes) Later that evening at Peter's appointment we had a great lesson.  The spirit was so strong in the room when he knelt and prayed to know if the church was true.   When he finished he said he just had this indescribable feeling of happiness and we all had tears in our eyes!! He’s got a baptismal date for Oct 4th, so keep him in your prayers!!!! 




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