Week 68 - 3 Baptisms!

Monday, May 4, 2015


We are having 3 baptisms this week, I'm very excited!
I lost my voice for 2 days... and legit couldn’t talk at all. It was kind of funny!! So I couldn’t talk to anyone!

On Thursday I went with Elder Barrus and Elder McCleary  it was awesome! We met with our pals Steven and Henry they took us out to eat at a Chinese restaurant! It was really nice of them and tasted good! Steven is really funny  he told all these girls at the place that we were Katy Perry’s guards (she’s in concert here on the 9th ) they all believed it and took our pictures. 

Elder McCleary and I taught 3 people on the bus on the way home together and gave them all a Book of Mormon and it was awesome.   We also went to a member’s house.

Friday  there was a HUGE demo/ Riot thing in Jakarta so all the roads were shut down almost the whole day and only little roads were open.  I would have taken pictures of it but I can’t, so we worked in the office that day because we couldn’t leave until the evening.  That night we had English class and taught Andy a lesson.  I could feel the Holy Ghost so strong. That night I also gave a member a blessing and he was really thankful so that was nice.  Man my mission is flying by!

Saturday was awesome. Just glorious! We ate lunch with Sister Ina Asa and Den Den and that’s always a lot of fun! I love those guys!! And then we came home and weekly planned and all our appointments fell thru so we went out and had dinner with them again! They are so nice to us :) Makes my day!! :) Then we came home! And cleaned and went to bed.
We did not partake of the Margaritas :)
Sunday we went to church and we had 3 baptisms! 2 for the sisters and 1 for the AP's so that was great!  Later on,  Elder McCleary and I went and taught a few people then it started raining so hard that we just got drenched and destroyed and yeah it was crazy so we just went home! 
My new pet

Catching the frog

That's my week!  Love you all and can't wait to Skype you on Mother's Day!
Love, Elder Jones

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