Week 71 - Elder Jones...Man vs. Wild Indonesia

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Man vs. Wild video of Elder Jones in the sugar cane fields
Hello Everyone, 
Here's what I've been up to this past week,
So P day was pretty good! But way hot!   We went to the King’s Palace here in Solo and it got talked up to much. It was cool but just not as cool as it was said to be ... but we had a fun day!

Today I held my first District meeting it was good but kind of weird for me to be doing it. Then we went way out of Solo to another town riding bikes to go teach a lesson.  During the lesson there was this little dude like 5 years old running around butt naked at his house and he had a fishing pole hitting us during the lesson. I've mastered patience!

 After that we rode off into the sugar cane fields.  They are awesome!   I ate some sugar cane and it was fun knowing where my red bull and sour gummy worms begin their life.   We printed some pictures and I’ll send those out to you soon.


Today was good,  we were on our way to go eat and my comp pulls up to our usual chicken place and all the tables are full so we have to sit with someone random … So we sat down with this man and I tried just talking to him about normal things and then he asked what we do here, so I explained that we were missionaries.  Then I felt like I should give him the Plan of Salvation pamphlet.   I started talking about how we believe in a life after death and eternal families.  He started crying and told me his wife had died 30 days prior to this and that he used to be Christian and how happy he was that we met him and things like that... it was cool!
Woke up and went right to our service project which consists of cutting weeds and burning trash and stuff. So that’s fun.  After that we ate and had a normal hot day.

Today we taught an eternal investigator (never progressing) and we’re lost.  Not quite sure how to help them... So we will probably just move on and see if they want us back.  The day its self was long. Towards the evening I got really trunky missing my pals Elder McCleary and Elder Barrus who went home last week.
Went out to a half member family with lots of little kids. I brought all my magic out there and they just LOVE it! It’s so much fun ... then we related it to the gospel. Since I’ve been here in Solo they come to church every week it’s been great!

I love Sundays! It was nice and we came home ate studied. There are a lot of members here.  We had 180 at our ward!  It’s full! Everyone loves me in the ward because the Bishop is a car dealer to and I told him dad was too!  The members that come are really good!   
I like my district and we all get along well.  We actually do get a cool breeze here which is nice.   I was going to go take my district fishing but looks like that’s next week. There is a lake out by the airport.   !
Are you running or lifting at all? People don’t run here. They start thinking something bad is happening!
How’s the weather?  still hot!
How’s the economy? Rupiah is still 1300 to a dollar. There is lots of poverty.
Do you teach English class in this town? Yes!
What are you doing for P day? Playing pool
How is your Javanese coming? I’m not going to try and learn it. But Elder Bills can write it!
Eat any strange food this week? nah not really
Did you have any cold contacts this week? What?
Are there fewer Muslims in Solo and more Christians? Or vice versa? I don’t really know?
How is your apartment? It’s okay ...
Do you like your new bedroom? Not compared to the mission home
Is this a town full of cats too? Yes!
How is the missionary work progressing this week? Better! We did great this week!
Get any letter mail? Nothing :(!
What does a District Leader do?  I keep people in line. Call shots and interview for baptism and lead and watch over the sisters.
Love you guys!
Elder Jones 

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