Week 67 - Zone Conference!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello Everyone,


We hung out at the house then all got interviewed by President! He said he is really happy with me and is making me a District Leader in Solo when I transfer.  Solo is a really cool area! So I’m super excited to go there! 

Today I went on a split with Elder Wills and we taught Andy! We have been teaching him and he is getting baptized next week so that’s awesome! Elder Wills and I went to a restaurant with Mexican food! So we went and got nachos, it was so good! Later that day we just taught a few people and worked! Then all the other missionaries and us got together at the church and played futsol! And that was lots of fun! 

So today we woke up at 4:30 am so everyone could get ready and shower for our Zone Conference at 8am! It was way too early! Anyways it was a good day full of the spirit and all the lessons and talks were awesome! Sister Fisher gave her goodbye talk because this is her last zone conference before she goes home! So that was weird because she came out with me and when thru the MTC with me! 

Later that day Elder Lovelock a new Elder from Australia come to the mission and it’s my job to take care of the new elder’s. He is a greenie and just a funny guy! All the questions he would ask! I realized how long I have actually been here!! 


So today all the main roads were closed in Jakarta because they had a meeting with the President of Indonesia and then 60 Presidents of 60 African countries all meet in town so it was kind of cool ! All the cops had AK-47 guns and there were tanks and helicopters.  Lots of security! But we had to stay home all day because of that, so we did our weekly planning! OH YA I got checked for kidney stones again. My check up!! And I have none!!!! So Happy!

Elder Troff and I in Ancol

We went to a place called Ancol it’s by the beach and it was cool but no one wanted to learn :/ on the bus ride back an old guy gets on the bus and it starts to move before he can get standing and he starts to fall so I go and I catch this guy from falling out of the bus and after that he says "thanks Elder" ... Long story short he was an inactive member no one knew about and now he’s coming to church again because he almost fell off a bus!! Cool huh! 

We invited President to work with us and go to a few of our lessons and that was fun he taught with us at 2 lessons then came home! He said were great teachers and he is really proud of us! And then Elder McCleary! My favorite came to live at our house for the last 16 days till he goes home!! So that’s been the highlight of my last couple days!! We’re having a blast! 

I love you all, keep praying for me and stay safe!

Love,  Elder Jones

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