Week 70 - Transfered to Solo

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WEEK 70 – May 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I made it to Solo ! This place is awesome it’s like its own little mission inside of its own! The first thing I noticed when I got here is how dang quiet it was!

Everything here is really easy going and laid back. Everyone here is like slow mo, that’s the Javanese way! Speaking of that... everyone here speaks a different language called Javanese. You probably could YouTube it to hear. So I’m not going to do my normal weekly run down cause it wasn’t a normal week. But hopefully by the pictures you can see kind of some of the high lights of my week! SO the mission in this area is mainly to reactivate members. We have like 1300 non active members. It’s crazy ... But missions aren’t measured by baptisms but by invitations! To come back to church or to learn or to be baptized. I love my district here and I think we’re going to do awesome.

Funny story...
SO Sunday we were in our room in the evening and were studying, so it’s quiet and we hear something crash upstairs!  It’s dark and I said did anyone lock the doors? And everyone’s quiet... but now it’s obvious someone is in our house! So I run out into the kitchen and get a knife so I'll be ready for who knows what?!  And then that alien you guys sent me gets thrown at me!

 I was so confused ... turns out Elder Arthur and Elder Marianus broke into our house ha-ha! I almost killed the guys! But it was funny!

Here are some pictures of a typical lunch place in Solo

Did you get to ride in the cockpit? Not in flight; / but I did get window seat alone! Ahhhh :)
Did you dress up like a pilot? Yes! I got asked 10000 times if I was!
Did you take a taxi to your new apartment? yeah
(Just remembering when you got transferred to Semarang and how you had to drag your suitcase several blocks to get to your apartment hoping this didn't happen this time!)
Do you like your new companion? Yeah he is a great guy! We’re going to do awesome
Are you the only two that live in the apartment or do you live with other elders? 4 elders here. The the Zone Leaders and the sisters are also in this town.
If so, who are they and where are they from? Elder Bills from America and my comp is ELder Hethuarua
Do they speak Indonesian or mostly Javanese in your town? Mixed
How do you like it so far? So far it’s good!
I see from your pictures that you are bike elders! What do you think of this? Love bikes!!
How do you like your new ward so far? It’s huge!!!
How is the work in your new area? Slow :)

The "bike repair shop"

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Jones

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