Week 69 1/2 - There's a Spider in my shirt!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This post is written by Wendy....

Mother’s Day Skyping!!

“I’m happy I’m moving ... I’m happy I’m the district leader in solo .. I’m happy I’m moving... I’m happy I'm over all my health problems... I’m happy my kidneys are better I’m happy, I’m still alive, I’m happy  that no matter what happens I will one day be back in America, I’m happy I can eat cool things, I’m happy for my mom!”  -Tyler

So we got to skype Tyler for Mother’s Day and it was awesome!  He called us at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning.  I (mom) hurried and put some clothes on (after being awaked from a deep sleep) and we talked to him for an hour.  After we hung up I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and felt something in my shirt I was wearing.  I shook it out and THIS IS WHAT FELL OUT!!!

YES I WAS A LITTLE FREAKED OUT!  it even has glowing eyeballs!  Luckily it didn't bite me :/  not sure what kind of spider it is?!
Also a picture from Elder and Sister Mitchell (Brenda Bennett's parents who are serving in Indonesia now)  So happy that they were able to meet Tyler before he was transferred to Solo!

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