Week 64 - Indonesia Hospital Mission

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey Everyone,
So I went back to the doctor to get a check up for my kidneys.  We prayed and did what we could hoping for the best, but when the results came back after my ultrasound, it turned out I have another kidney stone in the left kidney 0.85 x 0.87 cm. which is a good size.   The Dr. said he thinks it's one from the previous surgery that they missed back in July.  I guess it's good it isn't a new one!
I’ll be okay.  I loved messing with all the nurses.  I fake passed out when they took blood and all kinds of funny little things anyways the deal worked I think.  All is well now!
 I feel like I've been called to the Indonesia Hospital Mission. Anyways I’ll be fine nothing to worry about other than the fact I’m getting an operation in a 3rd world country :)  ha ha just kidding mom!
When I walked out of the Dr.'s office and told my comp he thought I was joking the whole time ... it was kind of funny because it all happened on April Fool's day.   When I got to the house President at first thought I was joking too and no one believed me. 

Thursday I got the stone destroyed with a shock wave.  I was really tolerant to all the pain medication. They gave me 2 shots of morphine (the stuff they gave the guy in Saving Private Ryan right before he died) So then they started and I was still awake and could feel things, so they had to put me to sleep.  I had to count to 10 in Indonesian and  I got to 16 before I was out -_- 
I forgot it was Easter, we will watch Conference next week after they have time to translate it.  Hope everyone is well.
Here are a few pictures from the beginning of the week.
Group study


Yes we are starting to dress Indonesian...
Have a great week!
Love - Elder Jones  




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