Week 66 - Off to rescue the 1 of 99 sheep

Monday, April 20, 2015


Monday was good we just hung out at the house and then Eder Wintolo and I went to go eat with Sister Ina! It was awesome! Then we came back that night and Elder Wintolo's mom ordered us pizza and sent it to the house! It was nice! 

this is our ride
On Tuesday we had all our appts. Cancel. It was a bummer because we would go one place to another and just find that our investigators weren’t there. That evening we went to the Tanto family’s house which was awesome because we don’t usually get to visit with members but going out there was really fun!  The next day we were also able to eat lunch with our friends Frans and Linda!  We shared the family proclamation to the world with them! They are a great family!! We love meeting with them!

Thursday Sister Ina was in town again and so we went and ate lunch together! She took us to this Thai restaurant that was just awesome!!! The Asian food on this side of the world is.... really good! Blows Panda Express out of the water ha-ha!

Then we went way out to a place called Sunter to rescue the 1 of the 99 sheep. A less active it takes us 2 hours to get out there and an hour with him and 2 hours to get back! After that well 5 hours is already said and done! Crazy huh but we taught him about hope and he was so happy we came and visited him. It was nice to help the guy! I hope he comes to church!
Saturday I met a Scottish guy who spoke Indonesian! That was funny to hear with an accent!

On Sunday I taught Gospel Principals in church and taught the last lesson! Everyone loves it when I teach ... but more than the other ones!!  I keep things exciting!! And I enjoy teaching too. ! I got asked to teach priesthood session next week too so well see where that goes.
Here are a few random pictures of things that happened in my life week. 
Love, Elder Jones
kitchen had a little flood
not tempted to go for a swim
just happened to pass the residence of the Ambassador of Iraq...he wasn't home but we have an appointment for next week.  Just kidding...

doodle thoughts

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