Week 59 - A Great Week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Everyone,
I had a great week!  Remember Nicky?  I met him 2 months ago on the bus. He was the last contact of my day. I found, taught and then BAPTISED him! (With the help of God!)  It’s just an awesome feeling!!! Even President came!!!

Elder Troff, Nicky and me.
The Sister Missionaries, Yohanna, Vitria (who were baptized last week) with me and Nicky

With President Donald

With the AP's
We’re leading the zone right now. I don’t know about the mission yet. We’re having a great week but we just need to find new people to teach.  We taught about 23 lessons the whole week which is a lot for our mission.

I’m in second Nephi now! 3 chapters a day in 80 days it’s awesome! I’m really learning a lot from the scriptures! I'm also reading the Bible.  The coolest thing from the scriptures I read this week was a story about an ax that floats out of the water after sinking. Pretty sick! It’s in Kings.
In other random news...Indonesia is crazy. They lit a guy on fire last week and he ran thru the streets. Also, I saw this demon lizard jump out of a coconut tree from the top onto the ground! It was huge and a long drop!!! 
 I’ll tell you what, I LOVE coconuts and bananas and mangos so much and all these exotic fruits.

I know this church is true and I’m able to testify with even more conviction about it. Seeing the change in Nicky’s life is just astounding! My companions and I have been able to watch him, since day one, learn and grow and build a testimony of his own. I’ve had the chance to read from the Book of Mormon and do an 80 day challenge even though I’m only 7 days in I can see how much it has been a blessing in my life and it’s just awesome! Leaving my family and friends last year was hard. But for me to think of giving up all these experiences is even harder!! I’m just so grateful for all these blessing I’ve had in my life!  A mission is totally worth it!

gtg Love you guys have a great week tell everyone hello!
Love,  Elder Jones   

If you are reading this blog on your phone you will not be able to watch this video of me playing the harmonica and crocheting a tie at the same time....so get to your computer!
This is a video of a Zombie lizard.  He got stuck on the door as we were closing it...

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