Week 58 - Hard Work is Paying Off!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi Everyone,
We had a great week I’ll just put in some highlights. 
We had a Baptism this week for Vitria and Johanna!  I was able to baptize Sister Vitria.  They have been learning for 2 months and it’s been great! They are just awesome!  The Sister missionaries have been teaching them along with us.

Nicky got interviewed for next week and I’m baptizing him! I’m just so happy for him! Christian is getting baptized too!!
Our week was full of lessons, and as a missionary that makes you really happy to be busy! All of our investigators are doing great!

So Thursday was Chinese New Year and we went with Sister Ina, Asa, Denny and Ezra to go eat. We ate at this way nice place and I got Mexican fajitas! It was really good :) and then we got ice cream! I’m so spoiled :) We had so much fun! 
My Camera... it’s on its death bed.

 It hasn’t rained here for 5 days so things are way hot but that means it’ll pour soon...
I’ve been able to see the Lord’s hand in our lives so much this week it’s just been awesome! And 100% obedience is paying off!   We’re reading the Book of Mormon in 80 days as a mission 3 chapters a day! And in personal study I’m in St. John now, I’ve learned so much!

Today for our P-day we're just going to take it slow.  Sister Ina is taking us to Chilies to eat and they have chips and salsa!!!! Jakarta is like America… almost ha-ha :) Then were going to come home to catch up on sleep. We’re so tired lately because of the amount of teaching!
Elder Zollinger is my pal from Idaho

typical street

Elder Troff is beating this guy at chess who we met on the street
Okay love you guys have a great week. Don’t forget to pray for me! And I’ll talk to you again in another 7 days bye! 

Love – Elder Jones

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