Week 60 - My challenge to you!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello Everyone,
We had a good P day! We got some killer Chinese food and some cool stuff at Block M and then we kind of relaxed the whole day cleaned things up around the apartment.

We went to eat with Denny and that was fun! We taught a couple lessons and they went really well.  Also,  it’s been a really rainy week. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon every day and it’s such a testimony builder! It’s Awesome! I challenge you ALL to do the same and start reading it! 

Office Elders have formed a band...

and sometimes we workout...
Today President came down to tell Elder Troff and I that we have been called As OFFICE ELDERS :) Now we do mail and reimbursements and all that jazz… answer phones life is nice with A/C and getting hot showers at the mission home!  I’ll enjoy it while it lasts! I’ll be moving in May but idk where yet?  Maybe opening a new island area. Just kidding!

Today we had to do lots of office work to catch up on things and wrap our heads around this whole thing. Then that evening we went to a member’s house who works at the Embassy! He is a cool guy we ate pizza and soda and it was awesome. His house was just like an Americans. 

We taught an awesome lesson to a guy on the street about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It made him so happy almost to the point of tears so that was really cool! 

We had a meeting with President about all the new missionaries coming in, then 2 more hours in the office and English class.

Today Brother Antonious was baptized!  It was great! He is an investigator of the APs . Then after church I gave a blessing to a sick lady and that was my Sunday! Full of the spirit!
Hope you all have a great week and remember to take my challenge!  It will make your life better, I promise!
Love,  Elder Jones




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