Week 62 - Funnest P-day in the History of P-days!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This is the video of us paintballing and you can hear me speaking a little Indonesian.
 (video can only be watched from a computer)


We paint balled for P day it was so awesome!! Seriously! I loved it! All the Zone Leaders came too! It was pretty fun.  I was against Presidents' team and our team destroyed their team! I was our team’s captain and President was his captain! I shot President good a couple of times!!! Ha-ha I also captured their flag! With the help of my beloved companion , Elder Troff, with back fire coverage! It was awesome! Then Iwe went and ate at Carl's Jr. with my man Elder Litster (from when I was in Semarang)! 

Today Herman came over for a lesson.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie and the John Tanner movie. Then we spent the rest of the day in the office! We are behind in paper work and stuff.

Office work for a lot of the day. Then we went to Blok M to get some new name tags made.  Interesting story, there were 3 Muslims who had been following us for like 20 minutes, so I tried to talk to them. One grabbed my hand and started telling me to repeat the Islamic prayer to become a Muslim and I said no and he wouldn't let go of my hand.  Finally, I pulled it away and we left quick and finally lost them! They were all decked out in the haji clothing.

Woke up and felt like crud so I stayed home and rested with Elder Barrus who has also been sick. Later that evening we went to the Ritz Carlton and ate with a member from the stake who was stopping by!   So good it made me miss you guys and reminds me of all the trips we'd go on! 

I got up to change my laundry and when I pulled it out. It was totally BLUE as you can see in the pictures.  
A great big OOPS!  I ruined all my white shirts because I threw them in with jeans... 
Sister Donald is going to try and help me fix it. 
We also taught Christian today and it was awesome! He’s getting baptized the 29th hopefully. So pray for him! After all this,  we went to English class and that was good. Then this dude comes in off the street and is trying to get us to sign these fake prescriptions for narcotics. I obviously told him "no" but man some people are just plain stupid. Then we try and go home but it starts pouring rain so we rode a taxi and it took forever and the roads were all flooded and by 10:30 pm we weren’t home yet so I made the executive decision to ride OJEK which are like taxi motorcycles. So we rode motorcycles home in the pouring rain and didn’t get home until 11! Crazy huh?

We had an awesome game night at the other ward and lots of members came and we had a fun time!!!  The missionaries organized it.  I found a baby kitten with a broken leg and brought it home and fed it some milk.  Now it lives with me :)

I went to the English ward in the morning and took some of President Donald's friends from Australia! They are great! It was so weird to have church in English. It was interesting to see all the members there from all over the world who were attending church. There were people from China, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippians.  All over! 

 I thought about how all of our paths have crossed and why and ... It came down to Jesus Christ. He is the reason everyone from all these places were there. Because of the light of Christ! And it is just so awesome! The church is the same in every corner of the world and it’s all because of the truthfulness of Christ's gospel! 

Love you all! 

 Elder Jones

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  1. I always enjoy his posts, but this one I laughed out loud. The picture of him with his laundry is priceless.