Week 55 - Amazing Week!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This past week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had PLD, Zone Meeting.
President came and trained us all on how to be better Elders :) and its working!!!
I’ll save you from the weekly update and just tell you a few things ... so Thursday I went on a split with Elder Barrus.   Before I left I prayed with him that we could give out 4 Books of Mormon and that we could find somebody to teach that would want to get baptized.  So we ended up at the bus station and the bus hadn’t come for almost 2 hours. It was packed and everyone was grumpy, then this guy just starts cussing the bus system, but using English except he was Indonesian.   So I talked to him,  and he said he has been to the States before and has been searching for the right church.  We ended up teaching him almost 2 lessons on the bus and gave him a Book of Mormon and he wants to keep learning! 
The second cool story. On the way to Pulit we were walking and I saw an exotic cars dealership and couldn’t help but go in! The guy who owns it is Christian and wants to keep learning with us! Awesome right? Plus I sat in a Lamborghini! 
My new ride...
Then that same day on the way home I pull out my Book of Mormon out of my back pack and literally within 3 seconds the guy next to me pulls out his ear phones and says,” hey can I read that?” (Yes please!) And he wants to learn too!

This all happened the same day! It’s awesome to see how God answers prayers and how his hand is in our lives! 

However, on a sad note, Sunday Alek didn’t get baptized. His parents came at the very second he was going to and stopped it. President and Elder Funk had a good talk with his parents, but we’re all sad it didn’t happen :(   I don’t know what will happen now?  Alek is 18 and could have done it but out of respect to his parents he didn't go thru with it that day.  He is still planning on being baptized.
Getting ready for the baptism

Nicky is on track to be baptized on February 15th.  Please continue to pray for him and Alek.  We do baptisms on Sunday here.  This Sunday it flooded so badly that half the church didn’t come ... :(

It is transfers today and I get a new companion.  He is Elder Troff and is from Utah.  I feel that I was put with Troff to do some really good miracles (mukjizat).   I can feel it, we’re going to have some success! And yes,  Elder Prayitno was one of my best comps he’s great!
I love you guys have an awesome week! Thanks for everything and be safe this week! Keep praying for me! Bye!

Love -Elder Jones

P.S. I didn’t even know it was the Super Bowl! 

Did transfers already happen? Today! Do you have a new companion? Yes Elder Troff,  from Utah.
Will you be staying at the Mission home? Yeah I think we will live here a while longer.  I’m in Jakarta till May ... hopefully one day we get a house,  the economy is really weak here and its almost 1300rp to the dollar .... the govt is still new. Elder Prayitno goes to Bandung today. 

Do you ever read back in your journal, now that you've been out one year to see what you were doing a year ago? I did that once Did you buy a new journal or are you still writing in the one I bought you? Still writing
What was the best part about this week? The miracles of that one day
What did you teach them in English class this week? I didn’t teach this week 

Do you need anything? Yes, I'd like more letters :)  Seriously, you can't imagine how awesome it is to get letters in the mail :) I love to hear what's happening at home.

Elder Tyler Jones
Jalan Senopati No. 115
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

$1.15 in postage (doesn't matter if it's an international stamp or not)

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