Week 57 - Valentine's Video!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This may look like a picture if you are reading this blog on your phone, but if you get on a computer or laptop it will be a video message from Elder Jones and Elder Troff. FYI the toilet paper reference is because it's a scarce commodity in Indonesia!

Hello everyone,

Last Monday we woke up to hardcore rain, so we had to stay home all day.  But on Tuesday we taught a guy at the mall and it was great! Then we had another appt and he never showed up. Grrr we proselyted until 5 then came home and had a weekly game night. Where we go running as a district and lift weights at this park. It was good.

On Thursday we got 4 great lessons.   We're having a great week with teaching even though I usually don’t mention them all. 
English class was fun.   We talked about being polite and what’s not polite. Elder Troff said bad words were bad ... then the whole class started saying the worst American words they knew.  I was laughing so hard but we finally got them under control!  ha-ha 

Chicken trash cans.  Some things in Indonesia are so funny...
Had a great Valentine’s day! We had 3 appointments  and have been teaching Nicky! At the very end of the day Nicky, Troff and I went with the sisters and their investigators to this cake place and we ate together.  It was fun! 

Elder Troff and I have been testing our faith. We have this one random German book of Mormon and we have been praying to give it out since Monday.  On Saturday we met this German girl (20)and she is new here and has no friends but speaks English! 
On Sunday Nicky came to church and so did the German girl that we met on the road.  We gave her the book! It's so amazing how the Lord will answer your prayers!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love - Elder Jones






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