Week 56 - New Companion!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hi Mom, Dad, family and everyone! 
We had an awesome week.  We’ve been working our tails off and had tons of success.  I got a new companion this week.  Awesome guy.  Elder Troff.
Here are my notes from last week:

Monday – P Day

We went ice skating like normal. But it was really fun and always will be :) I can do some cool tricks now. Elder Wood and I went to this nice pizza place! It was awesome! 


Today my new companion came to Jakarta.  Elder Troff is from West Jordan, Utah.  This week has been great! Elder Troff and I have made a pact to be completely obedient and work till we want to drop!  This week we lead the mission in stats and got 22 lessons! UNBELIEVABLE!  We have 3 baptismal dates!  Is that crazy or what?  We’re really working on faith, because without FAITH you can’t have a strong testimony and faith is actually the anchor of our whole lives! 
 We went to the church today and all 3 of our appts cancelled :( But I saw Elder McCleary! I missed him he’s my pal. Ate chicken and rice for dinner. 


Today we had a contest who could get the most contacts, and I won with 5.   The day was full of miracles!  Because of where all these people were and timing. Taught Pak Herman a great lesson all in English too! Then taught Henri and he wants to be baptized the 1st of March.
For lunch Elder Troff and I had corn on the cob grilled on our stove. 


 Today was good we woke up and posted posters at 9 am all over town for English class! Then came back and got our haircuts :)
Poster for English Class
Haircuts Indonesian style!

We met a guy named Christian who is just awesome! He came to church and wants to be baptized! We have taught him 3 lessons this week so far! So that was great! He said he didn’t have any friends before us and has just been so sad in his life ... UNTIL we met him and the lessons we taught him gave him a new hope! 


Had another lesson with Herman the lesson was great! Then met with Christian again! We are just on a roll this week doing awesome! We really can see the work of the Lord progressing! We are working our butts off!
8am President invited us in to his house to watch a devotional for CES.   That was a great talk to start the day. We got to eat breakfast at his house ! This is always good because Sister Donald is so awesome! President then came to one of our morning lessons and we had such a great time! :)

After that we went to proselyte.  We went to the soccer stadium and I went and talked to this group of army men ... and first I blew their minds with some of my magic tricks and then with the gospel! It was so fun!  Seriously like I proselyte with card tricks and coin tricks now then apply it to the gospel and everyone wants to learn!! Ha-ha I love it! President said we need to be more creative! So I did it! He thinks it’s funny but he said don’t do the one where I pull their card out of my book of Mormon.
We had 3 of our investigators come to church and 3 of them were inactive! Our side of the room was full of people! Made me happy!

I sent so many pictures this week :( but I'm having camera problems. The humidity is just destroying it My toe nails are not growing back. But I don’t really need them.  I don’t care after seeing some feet here!

 Later when I get off I’ll try and send more pictures because we just got Wi-Fi here ... man it’s pouring so hard this week. Broke another umbrella hah!  I’m doing awesome this week but physically dying of tiredness 

I love you guys and I have to go now ... good bye! :)
Love - Elder Jones

Do you still see kitties all the time around Indonesia? Yes!! I almost stepped on a new one yesterday!  How was your first week with your new companion? Awesome! We led the mission in stats this week!  Does your mission president speak Indonesian? Yes 
Does Sister Donald speak Indonesian? No :)
is Nicky still on track for baptism on the 15th? I think
Any news on Alek? He’s working hard! And loves the blog :)
What have you and Elder Troff been doing this week to get new investigators? Working hard!
Does the fast food in Indonesia taste the same as it does in America? Kind of. I forgot what it tastes like in America
What are your plans for Pday today? Work! We filled it with appts BUT its currently pouring
Do you still talk to Audrey and Taylor? Or Troy? Yes.  I need Troy’s email 





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