Week 54 - Elder Jones has SWAG

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear everybody who reads my blog feel free to send me letters I love getting them :-)  I am so happy that I am able to serve my mission in Indonesia. The people are great the food is great the gospel is great and it's so awesome living out here in this country.
Here's a picture of the parrot who bit me last week.  I gave him a "pass along card"!

 This week was good but we didn't do anything out of the ordinary on Monday we just stayed at the house and we rested so that we could have a good week, this week. I made sure to do my laundry, comb my hair, make my bed, clean my desk, brush my teeth, shine my shoes, tie my tie, iron my shirt, eat breakfast, read the scriptures, that's pretty much it :)

This is a little video that I took of my English class, if you can't tell what they are saying it's "Elder Jones has swag.  He is a good teacher :)" (I always teach swag just as a little joke.  I also teach the word groovy!)

                                                    (This video is of  snake fruit or known as "salak")

Ecco shoes are the greatest! They are solid! So for any missionaries planning to go out buy that brand.  I always try and snag a free shirt from Elders going home! So no worries. I’m living thrifty.
Tuesday we had a normal day proselyting and later that night we talked to Nicky .  He is doing really good.  We taught him about the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom.  It was an awesome lesson and we could really feel the spirit and you could tell that he did as well.

I was on a split with Elder Campbell.  That day we did lots of working but we got blown out by rain!I'm telling you Indonesia has the craziest rainstorms that I have ever seen in my entire life!  If even half of the power of one of these rain storms hit Wickenburg it would pretty much destroy the place.  That night we found refried beans at an import store and tortillas and then we made bean and cheese burritos, it's basically like heaven when all you usually eat his rice and eggs.

We went to Ancol which is North Jakarta, pretty far north too.   We came back that evening and we went to go eat at this noodle place which was pretty good.   It's really been pouring here a lot this week all of our area has been flooded so it has been hard to go to the families and teach.   It's pretty crazy, we will ride in the ankots which are the little buses and they will go through the flooded streets and sometimes the water will come into the car.

We got a phone call from the Sister Training Leaders and they wanted us to go and give a blessing to a lady in our ward.   The AP's and the President are all in Surabaya because of zone training meeting but here they call it PL, anyway we went to her house and gave her a blessing and that was a cool experience. She also gave us some food which was nice of her.  It was really confusing trying to find her house and we had to ride three different buses to get there and one of the bus drivers lied to us and told us that that was the wrong bus just so we would get off but still give him money!
Then we went to the church and taught Nicky again.   We watched a movie, the movie was good and you could tell he felt the spirit.

Today we went to a family history meeting which was held at the Jakarta South building. It's fun to learn about that stuff. After that we went out to eat with Sister Ina and Sister Asa, my Indonesian family.   We went out to eat and it was awesome they made sure that I got some good food I always love hanging out with them :-)

 We just went to church.  I feel like my posts are the same every week yes church was normal nothing happened there was three hours of goodness our investigators came to church we ate food after. Then we went home and we planned for the upcoming week. :)
Yeah! Well hey I have to go! Pray we feel the spirit this week and Nicky and Alek do well! :)

 I hope you all have a great week bye!

Love Elder Jones



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