Week 51 - Happy New Year!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been a great week.  Had some success, some exciting things happen and some fun also.  Here is a quick recap:


P-Day.  Felt good to have a few hours to play.  We went go kart racing! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time!!


Small siesta!

 I went on a split with Elder Wood and we met a guy on the bus who turned out to be a great contact!  We have been teaching him since then.  I’d say that he is a golden contact.  He wants to be baptized and is progressing quickly.  Awesome guy!  While on the bus,  I noticed that he was wearing a cross on a chain so I asked him about it and was able to strike up a conversation.  We talked for a long time and the rest is history.

Elder Wood and I also found a deep fryer at the house and deep fried Oreos in pancake batter!  Good stuff....


Today was New Year’s Eve and it was just a normal day for us missionaries.   I was on a split with Elder Campbell and that was fun.   We worked hard and got lots of contacts! There was a Christmas/New Year program we went to as well.  Then ate some pizza from the import store.  It was a good day! 


Last night there were a billion fireworks you couldn’t even sleep!   But it was still a lot of fun.  We had another lesson with the guy we met on the bus too! He is great!


We had District meeting and then it started raining so hard we couldn’t leave.   We had 3 appointments that day but they all fell thru :(  Then I taught English class and a whole lot of new people came because I posted all these posters I made saying free English class!


Normal day. We just worked and weekly planned and posted more posters! 


We had a great day at church. I taught Gospel Principles class and did great! Then we had a little fireside at the house for all new members and investigators and watched the movie “A Treasure in Heaven”.   It was awesome because our friend I met on the bus came. This week we have gotten a lot of investigators! It’s been great!

I’m really starting to enjoy living here at the mission home.  Besides the 1st world comforts, I really enjoy being around the Elders here.  The AP’s are the top notch missionaries in the mission and it’s fun to be around those guys.  Being with those guys every day raises my game and makes me a better Elder.  It’s been fun.  I’ve learned a lot from them.

I love my comp, he is an awesome guy and so funny.  Today he used a toaster for the first time ... but he put a marshmallow with chocolate in it and it melted and ruined everything.  Oh well!



What did you think of it snowing in Wickenburg?  The snow pictures you sent me were awesome!  I really wish I could have been there!

What is your Ward like? Our ward is like a branch there is about 35 people each week who are totally active.

Do you think you will see Kitty as a source of food instead of a pet when you come home?  Both :) make sure she is safe!

Did you hear about the plane crash out of Surabaya?          Yeah, that’s sad L

What else has been going on?  Not a whole lot.  Being in the city of Jakarta, things are pretty normal. Other than freak massive rain storms.

How was your week? Everything this week has been great and I’m learning more each day and trying to get better in all things .  

Why haven’t you gotten Christmas cards?  Haven’t gotten mail since before Christmas, everyone is on a holiday until today! 

How was this week’s other toe surgery?  This toe surgery was the worst one.  It hurt so bad you have no idea.  The lidocaine barely works for me and I could feel a lot of it.  But now I’m all better.  Got a checkup tomorrow!

I have to go!  Love you bye!

Elder Jones



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