Week 52 - One Year!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This week is my year mark!  Sometimes it seems like I have so much time left, but I know it will fly by!  Just like this past year!
Last Monday for P-Day Elder Wood and Elder Barlow and I hit up the golf range... it was pretty fun! 

 Elder Woods and I

Lime in the coconut and shook it all up :)

Throughout the week we had a few good lessons! Remember the guy I met on the bus? He wants to get baptized on the 1st of February with Alex so that’s awesome! (Our investigator has to ask permission from his parents to be baptized because if you live at home you have to ask parental permission even though he is 23).   
I'm doing well and it was a good week, we got 6 lessons this week but I don’t like telling about investigators unless I really think they will get baptized.  So please pray for them.

We take the bus an hour everyday to our area.  Its a very poor area but the people are very nice!

Saturday we went to lunch with my Indonesian mom and her daughter (Sister Ita and Sister Asa) they are awesome :) They make sure to take care of me here! 

Ford dealership in Jakarta

They were happy to talk to us and even offered to let us test drive a car but we didn't.

We met a few people that spoke English here.  It's weird to speak English now because I think in Indonesian!

On Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church it was great! :) 
Today we woke up at 4am to go running around the soccer stadium.  It was pretty fun.  We’re planning on resting the rest of the day today. 

Now that the mail people are back from vacation I got a whole bunch of letters all at once!  Thanks everyone :)
 I’m excited to go to USU! Pilot program and business :) and I won’t get sick!! I know time will fly by. Well, have a great week tell Logan, Amanda and Court I love them! 

-Elder Jones

 Here's a video of "hairy fruit".  They look weird but taste really good! 

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. We love your pictures and stories.