Week 37 - Semarang "Are those your fingernails?!"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi Everyone,
This week was transfers and I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Martoyo from Surabaya.  He's been out on his mission 3.5 months. 
Elder Jones and Elder Martoyo in front of the church
This week has been different.   We have been in a threesome, Elder Martoyo and Elder Litster and I.  We only had 3 appointments this week, the rest were all cancelled or they just fell thru.   
It’s been a hard week to work.   It's hard because people live very far away and not all of them have phones so sometimes they aren’t home.   That’s how this week kind of went.  

My investigator Ibu Nur came to church but she wants to change her baptismal date to later in October.   Elder Litster lost his credit cards so he has no money.    I’ve had to loan him  some so we can make it thru the month .   Here we get about $150 to live off for  a month.
What did you think of the one dollar bill in your letter? it was weird to see!
What did you spend it on? You can’t use American money here.
Did Elder Lister get Elder Chou (from AZ) for his mission companion? Yes he comes on Wednesday!
Tyler, I saw a picture of you holding a plate of food, were those your fingernails? Super long nasty gnarly things? Seriously, Tyler so disgusting cut those!
 "Mom, it’s my thumb and my pinky only!  It’s the culture here!"
What are your plans with the district or zone for conference this weekend? on Thursday we go to Jogja and that’s a 4 hour trip there then 4 hour back !  What do you guys usually eat for breakfast? noodles or rice, sometimes eggs too  Do you come back to the apartment for lunch? no it's too far and we live on a hill 
This is the family of our Ward Mission Leader and they are awesome!
How was church yesterday?  Church was good it’s my favorite part of the week
Is it the same 3 hours as here?  It's the same 3 hours here! ha-ha  
Do you ever help with the sacrament? I've helped once.   

What do they use for bread?  For bread they use this stuff called "roti biasa" translation? BREAD!
Well, I've got to go!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love, Elder Jones


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