Week 34 - Semarang = Summer all year long!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello Everyone, 
It's hard to believe that I've been out for 34 weeks already!  Here's a re-cap of last week.
P day we just stayed home again, it’s killing me I want to get out and do something so bad. There are so many cool Buddhist temples around here to see!  But that night I called over 40 people and set appointments,  to make sure that we have lots of work for this week! Which now we do! 

We left the house 3 hours earlier than normal cause we had 4 appointments.   That’s almost what we get in a whole week!  Unfortunately, 2 fell thru but the other 2 didn't so that was good. Both appointments were with people we haven’t met before so that was encouraging. 

Also, I met a really cool old guy on the street.   I felt prompted to talk to him.  He was about 75 years old and we started talking and he said (late in the conversation) that before I said anything to him, he wanted me to talk with him!   We got an appt with him now too!  So that’s sweet!  I’m also almost finished with D&C. 
Brother Bon Bon
We taught Brother Bon again and it was great!  We also taught another Sister Youlie who is an investigator which went well.  Then Elder Gil said he was feeling too sick to work so we went back home around 3ish ... but we did get some work done! I did some phone contacts and set appts for next week while he was trying to feel better.

At a restaurant during Zone Conference

We went to SOLO for ZTM (Zone Conference).  Solo is pretty sweet ... it’s where a lot of culture is and monkeys!  I gave out 2 Books of Mormon and got 3 contacts on the bus! The bus ride was really long though 3 hours there and 4 hours back .  Me and Elder Lister stood up for this lady and her grandma .  We stood for almost 4 hours on the bus it was crazy,  I thought my legs were going to fall off  the bus was so packed!

We had 3 appts scheduled at the church which was great because we didn’t have to go far at all!

Long day, not a whole lot of luck.

We got 2 of our less actives to come, I was really happy about that.   I bore my testimony for Fast Sunday, church was good it was a good day! Actually it was a good week!  We worked so hard this week.  Elder Gil and I lead the Zone in stats. 

Questions :
Why don’t you guys travel to do things on P-day?  We don't have any members with cars here, Bogor was a richer area.  We try not to ride the busses very much.  People will bring weird thing on like bags full of dead fish, so it smells really bad and they can smoke on the bus which makes it really hard to breathe. 

What’s your favorite thing to teach from Preach My Gospel? I love it all honestly!

Did your baptism for Sept 7th go through? Nope it was pushed to the 20th.

Have you received any letters from Annie with excerpts from G’pa Fielding’s Mission Journal? Not yet. 

Are you going into summer or winter or do they even have seasons there? No seasons here, .the temperature here is called neraka api.

Did you ever go back to the Kidney Dr.? Yes he said I’m good! 

Were you able to get your blue clothes white again? Some of them yes. Don’t send me clothes it’s cheaper to buy them here.

Is Brother Bon Bon a member? Yes slowly becoming active since I’ve gotten here. 

What do you do at ZTM? It’s the same as church almost but we go over mission stats and areas and news from president 
Have you had any cool spiritual experiences this week? How much our stats have grown. It really makes me happy to have people to share the gospel with!

What desserts do they have there? They don’t do sweets really here ... it’s like fried bananas with chocolate. No "Indonesian" ice cream but there is a place in the mall with ice cream. 

Where are the other missionaries from that aren’t American or Indonesian?  Australia, New Zealand and England.

 Court says to go to Sam Poo Kong in Semarang.  It’s a point of interest and looks pretty!
We were going to go to Sam Poo Kong today that’s funny she says that, but some stuff came up.
Sending love to you all.  Thank you for the emails, letters and packages!  I really appreciate it!
Love, Elder Jones

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