Week 28 Hospital

Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm thankful that I'm out of the hospital and I can send you my email.  Had a crazy week, as some of you know already.  Tuesday morning I started to pass another kidney stone and it got stuck.  The pain was horrible so we went to this little hospital in Bogor where I had a few tests and CT scans done and was able to get some pain medication.  I ended up having 4 more stones in my left kidney in addition to the one that was stuck.  

So they said I had to have surgery.  The only problem was, they didn’t have the tools or staff so I would have to wait for the next couple days so they could rent all the tools (scary right?).  
After hearing that, I had them give me some more pain medication and took a taxi to the mission home.  Then I went to Tangarang to a different doctor.  I had a kidney stone that was stuck in my urinary tract removed by laser procedure, and the remaining stones in my left kidney crushed by sound wave procedure.   It was funny, they didn’t put me to sleep and the doctor was really cool.   We listened to music while he was doing surgery and even took a selfie ;)  I got an epidural which was weird because there was no feeling and I couldn't walk.  The surgery took about two hours.   I got released from the hospital Sunday night. 
Questions we asked Tyler:

How was the procedure? It was okay.   There is a 50 percent chance of them coming back.  I'm supposed to  drink 3 liters of water a day. Did you like this hospital better? Yes it was a lot better the AZRA
Did you get a stint? I got a catheter 
Are you on pain pills? yes Are you on antibiotics? yes What happened after you rode the taxi from Bogor to the mission home? I went to the hospital
How long do you get to stay at the mission home? I’m still here.
Did any of the missionaries get to visit you in the hospital? the local missionaries did
Are you hurting? Yeah I’m hurting :( Did they put you out for it? No, I had an epidural Did they get all the stones? I’ll find out in 3 weeks when I go back.
When do you get transferred? August 11th
 I like the phrase "I can do hard things".   My mom used to say it so much before I left that it just drove me crazy and it was drilled into my head! But it’s true we can do hard things and it gets much easier when the Lord is on our side.  That’s why I don’t get scared on my mission, because I know the Lord is on my side and every trial I have, was put in my way because some part of my life needs to be polished up and improved!   That’s the point of this life isn’t it? To become better people and to improve others’ lives while improving ourselves.  That's what I'm learning on my mission for sure!

I got an awesome package from Aunt Kelly.  Tell her thank you so much!  It’s filled with food and candy and good stuff!  Made my day :)
I’ll send you more pictures when I get wifi at some point.

Well that’s my week.  I hope you and the family had a great week in Colorado!

Love Elder Jones



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  1. Tyler, your attitude is amazing. You have had quite a lot of trials. Please know we are praying for you and think of your often. The Lord will bless you as you remain faithful. Love The McKaskles