Week 26 - Happy 19th Birthday in Bogor, Indonesia!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last week we ate at Burger King.  Indonesian's don't like to eat there...but it tasted good to me!  No pictures from this week because the wifi is out at the church.

We didn’t do anything for p day last week.   We had a cool plan but it fell thru, so we cleaned the house and just slept, which is nice because we need to catch up.  During the month of Ramadan everything is closed. 


For my birthday I got to go on a split with the Zone Leader.  We had 3 appointments and they all went very well. Elder Sadiyono was with the other Zone Leader and they had 3 lessons too.  After that we went to a member’s house for dinner! It was her birthday as well!  

We had Rendang for dinner.  Rendang is a spicy meat dish, usually beef, that’s full of spices like ginger, cumin and nutmeg.   I really like it :)  It was good birthday!  I also got a package from Annie and G’pa Bob.  Thank you so much!

Danny had a day off work so all 4 of the Elders went to Puncak again it was cool!  We went to the tea fields and it was all foggy and kind of cold.  It was also the presidential elections here so we had to avoid places with lots of people and big gatherings  because of the potential for riots.

We had an appointment with  our Afghanistan investigator but he never showed up :(  I’m really sad about that.  We don’t know why and he doesn't have a phone.  So then we did our weekly planning and then proselytized and tried to get appointments for the next day.

Today we taught our English class.   We taught about the “5 second rule”,  which apparently they don’t have in Indonesia.  Drop something on the ground and you have 5 seconds to pick it back up and eat it before it becomes dirty!  They thought that was funny!   That night we had dinner with a Muslim family and they were very nice.

All our scheduled lessons fell thru.  It’s hard to make plans and then have things not work out, but then again, that’s the life of a missionary and we have to be flexible.   I’m learning patience too!  I have a patience reserve now, that if it was water, could quench the Salt Lake!

It was an awesome rainy day!  Very cool temperature! Church was great! I had to teach Priesthood quorum and they told me about it 5 min before the lesson.   Our Afgan investigator didn’t show up.  I’m pretty bummed about him L

Tell everyone hi and that I love and miss them all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Jones


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  1. Actually we indonesians looovee to eat at burger kings or mcdonalds or kfc :-)