Week 27 - Bogor

Sunday, July 20, 2014

WEEK 27 – July 20, 2014

Hi Everyone,

6 months in the mission has gone by!  Wow...  It's been a good week.

Here is a picture from the baptism of Sister Yuli.

P-day was good we had nothing planned but then a member called and invited us to go to an amusement park that was in the process of testing rides.  It was towards Jakarta.  We went and it was pretty fun! They didn’t have anything bigger than Gold Rush, but they had a ride that drops you vertically which are my favorite!!  Elder Mendrofa was so scared to ride any of them, but we got him to anyways!!

Elder Jones and McCleary defy gravity!

Today we taught Jimmy Simon (the guy Elder Hobbs and I met on the bus a few months ago) and then proselyted then came home because Elder Sadiyono was having an asthma attack so he came home and cooled down.


We went back to Jimmy Simon’s house because he wanted a Bible so we taught  him from the New Testament. You could really feel the spirit in the lesson! That night I had nasi goreng  for dinner.


Last night’s nasi goreng  ripped through me like a ride from the amusement park on Monday ... completely destroyed my insides . Today we did our weekly planning which takes forever!  After that we went to Sister Lily’s house!  Off in the distance huge dark clouds were coming and we got soaked so bad coming home!  Just drenched but it was funny!

We had our District meeting which was 2 hours and then we taught English class.  I’m getting pretty good at teaching, except we only have 3 students right now.  After class we went to get padung for dinner.  Random meat in a really good sauce!


We had a lesson with our new member which went great, and then we went contacting people.  Saturday was very slow, however.

Well church was normal and good all the lessons were on don't be lazy! So that’s always a good one :)  Except our new baptized lady hasn't been to church since we baptized her :(  but we still meet each week so idk what’s going on there?  We had to clean the church and I spilt the whole mop bucket on the tile which took me 20 minutes to mop back up. 

A few more random things...

 Its ham that I found on the bottom shelf in an old chineese store!! You cant find ham ~!!! I might eat it....
  This week we found out that Elder Mendrofa has no idea who Hitler is or what the holocaust was (not the slightest idea)

My shower water holder thing was growing worms which were up to an inch long. That was gross!
 This volcano is called  gunung salak, do you see the smoke coming out?

This volcano is called  gunung salak, do you see the smoke coming out?

I'm getting pretty good at juggling!

Well, that's all for this week.  You asked me how has being out on my mission for 6 months changed me? 
My testimony has grown a lot.  My knowledge of the gospel has as well.   I’ve become more compassionate and patient and I speak another language and know about a lot of different religions.
I hope you all have a good week and be safe!
Elder Jones
P.S.  here are some pictures from last week


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