Week 29 - Volcanos and Earthquakes!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting my check up this week!

The first couple days of the week I took it easy because "my body needed rest".   I’m feeling much better now. 
We had a good amount of lessons this week too!   I did find out that I will be transferring next week to Semarang.   I’m excited because it’s close to the ocean!

We got to eat dinner with my companions’ Aunt this week. She took us out! We also got a referral from the office.   The referral was a girl from India.  She’s Buddhist,  but wants to become a Christian.   We met her for the first time at Burger King.    Buddhists are the ones who believe they will be reincarnated and don't eat cows because they are dead family.  We totally forgot about that before we went to Burger King! 

Yesterday we had a family from America come to the ward!  That was cool and Elder McCleary and I got to translate for them!  They were very nice and it was good to see some Americans :)  I got to speak in church before I left.  
Today for p day we planned on going zip lining but it was closed.   No big deal, so we went bowling again and then played pool! I found out I have a hidden talent ha-ha!!  I also caught a wild bunny in our backyard!

We had an awesome lunch, fish and chicken I’ll send you the pictures soon!  Dad, you would have loved the fish (mango, red onion, vinegar… it was great!)   Later that evening we went to this cake place and had cake and milk shakes! I loved it  :) They said that when I come back to Bogor, we can stay at their houses.   I’ve got to say this is my favorite area yet ;) 

That’s crazy that the roof blew off Quick Lane!  When I saw your subject line I was amazed so I added Volcano Eruptions and Earthquake to my email subject line for the same effect :)  haha

Questions for Tyler

How long did you stay in Jakarta? We left the next day which was sad because we couldn’t get water for a week we finally got it today.  I’ve spent maybe 20 dollars on water bottles -__-

Did you stay at the Pres. House? Yes  that was nice!

Have you been drinking all the water that you’re supposed to? I’ve been trying really hard.

 Is that water bottle bowling in your house? Yes we have soooo many water bottles at our house it’s crazy!

Have you started packing for transfers? You know me, I’d almost rather get a kidney stone again than pack!

This is one question that I keep  meaning you ask you, why did your mission companion leave you while you were in Bogor at the hospital and go to zone conference? "Because he needed to hear the lessons being taught".

Did you ever find out what append to your Afghan investigator? Nope,  he really disappointed me L

What was the picture of the coins? I’ve been saving change and I got 10 dollars which is around 100000rp which is really good!
Well, that's all for this week!  Stay safe and don't blow away in that crazy AZ wind!
Love,  Elder Jones 


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  1. Glad to hear there are no major disasters in your life today. Thanks for sending the map of where you are going. It puts things into perspective. We know you are doing the Lord's work and that he is watching over you. Love, the McKaskles