Week 94 - The sights and sounds of Jakarta

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey Guys,
This week was another normal week nothing too crazy. We had a lot of lessons and we are still working with one of our good investigators. That’s been going well, but he has a lot of things to work on first, but that’s okay.

We have been teaching the majority of people from off the bus and other public places where people talk to us first.  So like every 10 people that talk to us maybe 2 of them actually learn a few times with us. We got a good member referral and we went and taught them.  It’s a less active, part member family who has some good potential so we will see where that will go!
Typical bus ride...
So there really wasn't much to go over with you.  This week it’s pretty hot here in Jakarta. Even though it says it’s raining here on all your guys’ apps and stuff, it’s not.  It hasn't rained in like 7 months! And its hotttttttt ..

Oh so here’s a story I remember  from this week.  We met a guy and he said he had 29 people from Papua that wanted to learn about our church and we were so happy and pumped to teach them.   So we got all this material ready and we waited for them at the church. He called and said he was late. No problem.  So we wait another hour for them all ... still nothing.   He calls and said he was late in traffic... but was coming. Okay so we decide to wait again and were waiting again and call him after another hour and he said he’s close ... after that he never answered his phone again.   We wasted a whole day waiting. Cause later that evening we had an appt at the church again. And we couldn't be late and at that time in the day traffic is too bad to go out ... man it was a bummer!

Very poor area of Jakarta

We got to bring an investigator to church though.  He lives about an hour and a half away, so we had to wake up extra early and go pick him up and then take him back but he really loved church and I think he really has potential to be baptized.  It’s awesome!  He lives out in the village and he is 15 . Never went to school and can barely read just a really humble kid! He works at the street market every day to help his family with money... he has a great story .

Hope you all are well.  The fires in Indonesia are bad right now.  The missionaries in Medan have to wear masks and stuff.  We aren’t affected much, but you can see from the pictures above all the pollution.

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Jones

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