Week 93 - Finding Answers

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey guys,

Another week down in the books!  We are all settled in our new house.  This week we got a lot of good lessons in.  We taught a great lesson to one of our investigators. He was in tears and was thanking us because we were able to answer his questions.  These were questions no one else has been able to answer.  He was so happy! He wants to get baptized this next month but is always so busy with work.  I really hope it happens.  He always tells us how much he can feel the Holy Spirit within us and it's really awesome!! 
Elder Jones and Elder Davies
We started the mission together and we'll end the mission together!

I went on a split with Elder Davies and that was really fun.  We went and proselyted and taught 3 lessons.  We got a bunch of contacts and it was a great day.   He was my first companion in the MTC and we always have a really awesome time together! We put in a lot of good work this week and hopefully we will get results in return. 

I taught English class this week as well and I’m everyone’s favorite English teacher. ha-ha.  It's funny, I feel like the students always have a great time in my class and I really enjoy teaching. 
I caught this little guy
Typical little Indonesian store

Market where they sell, crackers, cookies and rice cakes

"Hey Mister, good picture"
52 days until I return home!  I can't believe it's almost over.  I hope everyone stays safe this week!  Remember to read the Book of Mormon and say your prayers and the Lord will bless you with the answers you are seeking.
Love, Elder Jones

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