Week 46 - Thanksgiving In Jakarta

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ice skating on p-day

Jakarta traffic at night

Hello everyone,

Monday (p-day)

Today we went ice skating and it was awesome!  Im a pro ;) and I'm not even from Utah!  It must mean I took too many girls on ice skating dates ;)  Then after that we went to CARLS JR! It was so good and tasted like America :)
Later that night I lost Elder Prayitno by the bus! We were split up for 2 hours in Jakarta in the pouring rain.  It was funny but also scary.  Then after that we went and looked for people to teach


Today was alright.  We had an appointment with an investigator and that went well! Then later we went and proslyted again!


Today I went on a split with Elder Barrus! It was pretty good ... We went way far out in north Jakarta and met with an investigator who wants to get baptized.  Then we met with a guy in his news office. The office was great! It looked like something outta the Anchorman movie, all 70's and red carpet.  Everyone there smoking and it was just funny!!


Happy Thanks giving :) ! Today was pretty good!  Sister Donald and Sister Lukerenie made thanksgiving dinner for us all.  It was the best food I've eaten in 11 months !!!! They are so wonderful! and I'm sure you'd be happy to know mom, me and Elder Wood and Elder Campbell were the only ones who stayed and did all the dishes :) Then later we had a solid appt fall through which was crumby .. but oh well got a few new contacts!


We had district meeting and then we had a little thanksgiving with our district which was very nice :) Then went to work ! We had english class later that day and that was fun.

Thank you Gretta and mom for the packages!   Life is good here and the work is progressing.

Love -Elder Jones

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