Week 45 - My best idea yet!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Had a good week in our new area.
For P-day we went to the mall close to Senopati and rode a 7 story tall slide! It was intense! And freaking fast! We had to wear cool suits and helmets! 

Then we just came home and cleaned things up and did laundry! Then we went shopping for food. I found tortillas, cheese, beans and salsa and I almost cried I was so excited to see those foods!  So, I bought them and I made burritos for dinner it was just amazing ... expensive but I had to get it!

One day I even  woke up and I made Breakfast burritos ;') life is great!

Even Sponge Bob wanted a picture with us!
We haven’t had many people to teach because this is a new area ... so I got this bright idea to go to this big tourist place called Kota Tua with the other Elders and we would sit and wait for people to ask to take pictures with us.  So we went there and It was a super success! We sat down and had people coming over to us wanting to know who we were and get a picture! After 4 hours of us just sitting, I gave out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon and got 17 contacts! It was my best idea yet! I think we will do this once a week!
Our crowd!

I got a letter saying my package from mom and dad was being held hostage at the main post office and I had to pay $20 to get it.... Not to mention $10 to get there by taxi >:( grrr and 10 bucks to get back! Freaking expensive.  Then the guy went thru my whole package and then did a crappy job taping it back up. Then said it was "just random" Then 2 of our appts fell thru... kind of a  tough day -_-

Some days are tough.  One day this week we spent the day riding the bus and nothing came out of it ... we were supposed to have a lesson at 5pm that night but the guy cancelled ... we were bummed but we went to McDonalds because Elder Prayitno had never been before! Crazy right? Anyways, he loved it!
On Friday we had Zone Training meeting.  We had to introduce all the new Elders so Elder Prayitno got up to do it and at the end of it he said "Elder Jones is my trainer and my slave driver".  He's a pretty funny guy. 
Zone Meeting

 We also had English class and had everyone bring candy for Thanksgiving! Sister Sheffield asked who knew the meaning of Thanksgiving and my investigator raised his hand and said all the Americans smoked peyote with the Indians! And he was totally serious. It was great ...... it’s hard to fit in lessons on Fridays cause we always have meetings.
English class is always fun
Church was short for us this week.  I blessed the sacrament in Indonesian, but then we went home cause Elder Prayitno was sick again.  We gave him a blessing that night.  He is doing better today. 

How's the apartment hunting going? Haven’t started. We’re enjoying the mission home ha ha j/k
What’s a typical day in Jakarta working? Riding the bus, contacting people, trying to get investigators

Did my package to you come? Yep! Thank you!
If so, did you open it? Ha-ha nope it’s under my bed
Don’t open until November 30th if you have an apartment.  :-) ok thanks! What’s the slide at the mall pictures? Rode a crazy slide

W hy are you wearing helmets? Because it’s dangerous
Where are you with all of the elders/sisters at the church? Were at zone meeting
What are your plans for Thanksgiving this week? Probably rice and eggs maybe a mango if I have money
Do you get a traditional dinner somewhere? hahahhahahahaha .... No

Have you had dinner at the mission home yet? Nope Do you miss your mom? Yes! What are you doing for p- day today? Going ice-skating 

Love you all!  Have a great week,

Elder Jones



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