Week 47 - Be Thankful

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hi Everyone,
So for P-day this week it was... SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERYBODY! (the song) (lagu-nya)
 We all got shots for the flu, took it like a champ and didn’t even get watery eyed!  Then we went ice skating again, it was fun! I’m pro, but we discussed that last week ha-ha!  
I got asked to take a picture with these high school kids and one of the girls says, " boleh paluk nggak ?" (can I hug you?) and I forgot what paluk means,  and I said,  "Boleh". "Yeah you can", and then she hugged me?!?!? and I was like... what the heck are you doing ?!?  It was an awkward missionary moment! :/

Merry Christmas in Indonesian
Thanks mom for the tree, decorations and presents :) I'm the missionary ornament at the top, see?
 One day this week we went to Ancol.  We spent 9 whole hours proselyting. It was intense!  Only got one contact that is interested.  I can't even tell you how hard the work is here.  Then we went out to the ocean and that’s always refreshing to get the ocean breeze. From the real thing other than my Old Spice ocean breeze body wash #swagger... (I have to make these jokes to keep the spirits up!)

Wait? How did I get on these?!

Then we went into a little kampung (village) next to the rail road station.  It is so poor out here. We need to ALL be thankful for what we have! :( The little kids out there are so cute and funny though! I bought 5 little kids ice-cream for only .60 cents American money! Crazy huh? Then 6 mangos for $1!

On Wednesday we woke up to a call at 7.... Yes we slept in ... my fault. (Good thing we have the Atonement). Anyways, woke up to a call from an investigator who wanted to meet with us that second!  So we jumped up and got ready in less than 5 minutes which was cool, then ran outside to the bus and meet up with our pal so he could tell us he didn’t want to learn again. So that made us sad. We also had 2 appointments later that night at the church.

On Sunday it was Stake Conference. It was great! I learned a lot and it’s nice to be fluent in the language now. I can actually understand all that is being said! Elder Randy D. Funk gave a great talk too! It was awesome to hear from a 70... After that we had lunch with Sister Ita from Bogor! I love them they are just great.  I miss serving in Bogor! It was so nice to see some old faces today! I also met with Elder Hasibuan, my trainer.  He gave a good talk in the meeting! 
I've included some pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner last week. 

Best food I've eaten in the last 11 months!

If you want to send me a Christmas card that would be awesome!  We love to get mail!
My address is:  Elder Tyler Glenn Jones, Jalan Senopati 115, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Have a great week!
Elder Jones

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