Week 49 - Things missionaries have to deal with...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello Everyone,

YES!  This is a real sign on the wall of the bathroom
Who wants to hear about my toe surgery?  ha ha 

I have an awesome video of them taking my toenail off...but will spare you.  So, because of all the walking we do as missionaries, I got an ingrown toenail that got really infected so they had to take the whole nail off.  Elder Wills took the video for me.  I got to work in Flip Flops for a few days because I couldn't put shoes on.  That was kind of fun until it rained and my foot got soaking wet.  Stuff missionaries have to deal with!

Nice to see my MTC companion Elder Davies and a few other Elders and Sisters.  Christmas is coming this week and I'm excited to Skype home!

Ok Dad, here is a funny story for you.  Yesterday while we were at church and the power went off.  There are only 2 windows at the church and it was getting hot!  Since there was no power, no AC, and it was kind of dark in the church everyone started leaving and going home.  That didn't make the Bishop very happy.  The power never came back on so church was kind of shot yesterday.
How is Tithing Settlement going Dad?  I'm really impressed by all the members here who just don't have anything but faithfully pay their tithing.  There are lots of really good people in this world.
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me Christmas cards, letters and packages this week!  They really mean a lot to me especially being so far from home during the holiday season.  Grandpa, all that dehydrated food was awesome, thanks!  Cool idea! 
Love,  Elder Jones

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